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Is anyone's iPod/iPhone installer not working?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 22nd, 2008

there was an update for the installer on my iPod a couple days ago and I updated. Since then when I try and install an app it will download but wen it is about to install it crashes and goes to the spring board. Is this a glitch or problem in the installer app’s new version or is there somthing wrong with my iPod touch? Does anyone else have this problem?

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I updated a few days ago as well and haven’t noticed any problems. Try powering off your iPod Touch / iPhone and starting it back up and try again.

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Did anything happen while you were installing that could have interupted its completion?

And as mentioned, a good restart can do wonders for software.

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Make sure you are running/have updated to iTunes v.7.6 prior to running the 1.1.3 updater. I made that mistake and had similar results.

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If after updating it still fails then you’ll need to put the iPod touch into “recovery mode” (note: it will wipe all data from the device but can be done in a pinch to ‘hard reset’ the device).

After disconnecting your iPod from your computer, press and hold both the home button and hold button for about ~20–30 seconds, until your iPod displays a yellow triangle with exclamation point and the text “Please connect to iTunes”; then release buttons and connect the iPod to your computer, launch iTunes (if it doesn’t automatically launch), then proceed with the software restore.

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so you have to have v.7.6? Sndfreq… When you had similar problems did you have v7.5 itunes? That is what i have. If i upgarde to the new version of itunes will it work again?

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IMO it’s just the safe way to go; since I have an iPhone and not an iPod Touch I’m not totally sure about the status of bugs and fixes. I do know that with the iPhone update several bugs in the OS were fixed (not including the enhancements).

For some clarification I would go to the support pages on the Apple website to see if the 7.6 upgrade is the solution.

By the way doing the “recovery mode” fix doesn’t have to include 7.6 version of iTunes; it’s just been a ‘best practice’ for me to always update software and firmware to the current version in troubleshooting problems. You can FYI do the recovery mode and still be on v7.5 and iPod touch firmware version 1.1.x (your current version of firmware.

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i have a similar problem. when i try to download a file or update one through installer version 3.0 on iPhone version 1.1.1 .i get the problem, “Error package download failed: no host!” i have a sister and a friend having the same prob. any1 having the same prob or a solution to this prob?

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im having the same problem i need some help

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it normally means uve gt to much apps on ur springboard so u have to delete some in order to insert ny more… worked 4 me

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u shud try that.. The problem I have is that installer doesn’t open for me nymore.. Can nyone help plz

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