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Does anyone know what the PETA people position on the title sequence of 'Robot Chicken' is?

Asked by Noel_S_Leitmotiv (2719points) September 16th, 2009

Do they feel a simulated depiction of experiments on chickens are ethical?

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they probably send letters, which reminds me of a story:

PETA put orange reflective material on deers during hunting season, the same material hunters use to separate each other. they figured hunters wouldn’t shoot at deer with the reflective orange. afterwards, hunters sent PETA letters thanking them of making their hunting easier.

true story? maybe so. heard this from word of mouth

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PETA complain about everything , i am surpirsed they haven’t petitioned against the use of keyboards We all know how much bugs and animals we kill using them

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What the fuck do you care? You’re obviously completely dismissive of their position?


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tinyfaery beat me to it.

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Because I know that deep down inside, you really care. ;-) I value animal rights above redneck rights, and I think Robot Chicken is hilarious. I have no problem with excessive simulated violence against animals and humans, except when it’s lame.

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If you mean the PETA that stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals”, I think that they probably don’t have a problem with it.

sounds like you hit a nerve, as someone called you a troll.

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there are no actual animals harmed in the making of Robot Chicken, so they don’t need to be putting their noses into it. It is all claymation, so who cares?

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@brinibear Even clay has animal life in it i think

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@sandystrachan no, cause I use to make it with my sister out of corn starch, and the professional stuff is made sometimes with real clay, from the ground. So if there is any life in it, it is most likely a bug that flew in it, or got tuck on accident. Though personally, I have never had that problem.

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Oh god I love that show…
They can get fucked if they get offended by it

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Would it be safe to say, that people that care more about animals than humans belong in a zoo. Just look at the behavior of these animals:
Quite poor really.
Does this all mean we should start eating vegetarians, am I just upset because I don’t know who’s from my planet. Ugh, at times like these I wished I still drank, because I’d be fucking wasted right now.

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Why is it always YOU insulting PETA? I’m kinda tired of this shit.

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I’ve been wondering for a while now whether the asker of this question was trying to be inflamatory with many of his postings here. I now have my answer.

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Wheres the “flag question” button on this thing?...

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It’s on the top? lol

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@Tink1113 Well he understands that someone needs to stick it to those idiots, and no one else is stepping up to the plate.

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@Anon_Jihad Understands? It looks to me as if he whines about them all the fucken time.

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If he thinks they are idiots, why does he care what they think? Thus, troll. He’s just trying to coax people to defame PETA. Which I guess worked.

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I’ve never mentioned PETA on fluther before.

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@Tink1113 Rightfully so if he did.

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Robot Chicken Lurve @teh_kvlt_liberal and others.

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