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Anyone know a software that can tag/bookmark specific times in a audio file?

Asked by TheBox193 (992points) September 16th, 2009

I have lecture recorded on my iPhone, I plan to copy them to my computer via iTunes.
When I have them on my computer I would like to be able to tag specific times such as at 14:30 and add a note “The Marketing Mix”. I figure there is a program out there for this, but I end up primarily finding mp3 file tag programs.
I’m running a windows XP and Vista machine.
I’m assuming iTunes/iPhone will have the file in m4a. (eww)
Anyone know of something of the sort?

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You will probably have to convert the book to the audio book format first. If you have a .m4a file you simply change the extension to .m4b.

From there I am not sure where to go on the Windows side. I found a Mac app that does this but I can’t find one for Windows.

edit :: If you are desperate you could try this. That seems like a pain in the ass. Someone by now should have written a program to do it. I’m just having zero luck finding it.

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Mobi Pocket

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Hello, the social community Soundcloud allows you to tag parts of the audio file.

My Soundcloud profile –

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