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When sewing, How do you make "yo-yos"?

Asked by Ashalah (402points) September 16th, 2009

I am making this bag, and I have seen these things called “yo-yos”. No not the thing on a string but this I was just curious if anyone knows how to make these and if they could share how. I have searched for instructions on how to make them but haven’t had much luck.

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Here are some instructions that seem simply enough to follow.

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You cut circles out of the fabric, then sew a ¼ inch running stitch around the edge, about ¼ inch in, then pull the threads tight, while easing the edge under, like a hem.

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You can also sew a million of them together, using up all your extra fabric scraps, and make a nice quilt. It will need a backing.

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