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Family or friends on Fluther?

Asked by mramsey (794points) September 16th, 2009

Do you have any family members or friends that use Fluther too? If so, do you participate in their posts? Or do you tend to stay away from their questions/discussions and stick to people who don’t know you on a personal level?

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Yes I do, and yes, I always jump in on Tim’s posts, giving me two-cents, being a general nuisance, re-framing the situation the way I see it if I think he’s not giving the whole picture, and giving him snotty responses.

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My husband and I participate quite a bit. He’s Blondesjon.

My oldest son is here too but I leave him alone.

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I have a “friend” here, I sometimes post on his questions if I have an answer, although he doesn’t really ask that often.
@jonsblond, another blonde and I don’t know about him?

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I have two irl friends and my girlfriend is on here. A couple of interwebz friends are also here.

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@Tink1113 I’ll send you a pm. He’s blonde and smart. ;)

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Smart? Just what I need! j/k I’ll leave that one to you @Tink1113
Yeah, I do have my friends participating on Fluther. I actually invited them here. (:

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@cyndihugs Haha thanks, but I have mine on here already :)

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My main squeeze was on but he decided not to join this site. His loss :)

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@jonsblond That’s an oxymoron ;P

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No friends (yet) and no family which works for me as I can be as candid as I like without any worries.

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@Sampson I don’t get it ;)

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@Tink1113 I think I might know who it is. :)

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Yes, a “friend” told me about Fluther. I’m not here that much though, but I do stop by very often. I think I do answer on her post, not sure, but I do.
@cyndihugs You may be correct :)
@Tink1113 Hello there ;)

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No family or friends, and the name is not “Valdasta”. It gives me a chance to discuss topics that I don’t readily partake or share in my real Fluther. Out here I can roam a bit from Fluther to Fluther and talk freely. Ironically, I have gained an fb friend from Fluther.

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@Damn_Tony My hypothesis was correct.
So…. @jonsblond since @Tink1113 isn’t interested….(: j/k

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@valdasta Half of my friends on facebook are from fluther. :)

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@jonsblond A smart blonde…

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JC, I don’t know what I’d do if anyone I knew knew about my Fluther trail, although someone surely must.

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Okay! I’m being serious.
@jonsblond is he a good dancer?

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@kevbo Someone does

@cyndihugs He won the DDR contest two years ago at the park district…and he speaks German. :)

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@jonsblond Dance Dance revolution!? Nice! Ich spreche Deutsch. (:

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@cyndihugs No. My son does. The last memory I have of German class was sophomore year 1987. I walked out of my classroom and this Melanie chick popped me. I fought back and got suspended. (so much for self defense).

edit: I thought you asked If I speak German…nevermind :P

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@jonsblond There is nothing hotter than two chicks fighting in different languages.

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Wow. Was she german?

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@jonsblond how about that.

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<<< (flipping out via PM)

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@kevbo lol…add me!

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Geez! Don’t need to get personnal. (:

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@mramsey Great question!

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@jonsblond, you dirty button pressing dog you.


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@jonsblond may I add you. (:

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@kevbo This year maybe. Fuck Cutler.

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No family

No friends

all alone…

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Not that I know of….ponders

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@Andrew is my little brother. Also, @peggylou is my mom & @Kelly is my dad. So, yeah, it’s like a family business

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@maggiesmom1, lurve to you and @hossman

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Well, @SheWasAll_ and I live together. @CaseyWVU10 and I are in a fictional band together. And @exitnirvana well we are so close she might as well have been my roommate and she is practically part of my family. Then I have my online tumblr/twitter buddies on here and of course my online husband. The usual (@eponymoushipster, @Grisaille, @augustlan, @robmandu, @Dr_C, etc.)

I tend to answer questions that I am interested in, no matter the asker.

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Noooo, thankfully because I asked a question involving one of them! I should’ve picked a more secretive name!!!

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Naw, at least, not to my knowledge. I want to keep it that way, if possible. Anyone finds out who I am, and I’m screwed royally, irl. Except for with my wife, this is my only place to tell the whole truth to anyone, right now. I don’t tell the whole truth to my wife, either, not because I’m hiding anything, but because she doesn’t want to know all the details. Without fluther, I’d probably explode. So I don’t want any friends or family to show up here.

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Two of my daughters are here, and two friends from high school that I invited. I’ve also met someone in person that I only know from here. Like @IBERnineD, I have an overlap between here, facebook, and tumblr and I also answer or don’t based on the question, not the asker.

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I share too much to let family know who I am on Fluther. I always direct them here let them do their own thing.

But I consider you all my Fluther friends.
So sometimes we rub one another the wrong way now and then.
But, we never run away and honestly try our best to give good advice. As we see it. :-)
That is what family does.

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Since this site was started by (and packed with) family, I am related to or friends with many.

@Tink113: Blondesjon also speaks rotten Finnish.

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@brinibear is my niece, raised as a daughter.

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My ex-bf joined while we were dating, and I recently saw that he’s aske a couple questions since we broke up. That’s cool with me. I’ve mentioned Fluther to others, but don’t know if they participate or not. My screen name here is the same as on AIM, Yahoo, and GTalk, so most people who know me would recognize the name. But I am the same person offline that I am online, so it makesno difference to me if they do.

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@jonsblond Thanks!

@kikibirdjones I’m also thinking I should have picked a more secretive name. lol

My boyfriends is @jaketheripper he is the one who showed me Fluther. I don’t know for sure but I think he might get kinda annoyed if I weighed in on his questions/discussions. O but I make sure he knows what my opinion is! lol

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unstabellsociety-but we are functional as a family net

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And pathfinder is six degrees of separation from us all.

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I used the same name I use everywhere, so if someone I know happened upon the site, they’d know who I am right away. I used to worry about it, but not anymore. If someone learns more about me I’m ok with that.

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My sister is a fellow jelly, though she hasn’t been very active lately. My dad used to be on, but he seems to have left the Collective. My boyfriend has an account as well, but isn’t on very much.

I am pretty sure that Grisaille and whatthefluther are my long lost twin brothers which makes sccrowell my sister-in-law. And of course Blondesjon is my crazy uncle.

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No family members but I do have an ex husband, irl friends and net friends I’ve met on other sites that have all come together rather nicely, a few of them here now.

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@SuperMouse I was just wondering where that sister of yours has been. Tell her to get her butt back here, would you? ;)

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My neice is on here occasionally. So is my first girlfriend (she introduced me to this).

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@augustlan I told her! She appreciated the request!

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