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You may choose 1 musician or group of musicians to listen to the rest of your life, who would that be?

Asked by Adagio (14040points) September 17th, 2009

If you only had the option of listening to one musician or musical group for the rest of your life who would that be? strains of Desert Island Discs Every so often I ask myself the question and always come up with the same answer, Van Morrison, and that’s not just because he’s such a prolific musician. His earlier music was the anthem of my youth and has continued to colour my life from that time forth. I would be really interested to hear of others’ choices. I know it might be tempting to add an extra 1 or 2 names to the list it can be SO HARD to choose just one but I challenge you to do just that.

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Seiji Ozawa and the BSO.

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It’s always maiden before anything. Even sex

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Celine Dion.
Tony Joe White.

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Theeeeee bbeeeaaatttllleeeesss!!!!!

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No can do. There is no way that I could limit myself to one musician. My music mood is constantly changing. To only have one would be a nightmare.

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The Eagles. They are not my favorite band, but I do like them and they have a variety of songs to suit just about any mood.

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The Beatles for me, too. I pretty much listen to them exclusively now (not quite, but close enough), that I wouldn’t mind them and them alone for all eternity.

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Either the Decemberists or Rufus Wainwright. They both have something for every mood.

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The Rolling Stones, or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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the eagles for me as well

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Al Stewart

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@DarkScribe so if you were actually given the choice between one musician or nothing, would you choose nothing? that’s not to under rate silence mind you

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Giorgio Moroder

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@lisa16 as in Year of the Cat Al Stewart? I really love that album.

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@Adagio so if you were actually given the choice between one musician or nothing, would you choose nothing?

Yes, nothing would be better than the effect of a single source. If I was forced to choose I would pick someone with a huge repertoire and a changing style. Someone like Patricia Kaas or Fran├žoise Hardy for instance. Possibly Diana Krall.

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I’d get sick of any band if that’s all I had to listen to. I’d learn an instrument and my make own music.

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Silence. I’d rather have quiet than listen to one thing for the rest of my life

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@DarkScribe Nothing…. I can totally understand that reasoning :)

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Dave Matthews Band

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I think Blind Guardian has to be my choice.

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You can turn off this music at some point too, right? I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

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I’m torn between the vast stylings of The Beatles and my beloved Ben Folds.

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Paul Simon.

Maybe The Beatles.

I am always dicovering new songs, new meanings, new recordings, new duets (Paul). With the Beatles, well, they have over 200 great tunes so it won’t get tedious.

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Ooh! It’d be the Beatles. As it is, I’ve listened to something by them almost every day since I was 14.

Further, I know enough songs by other acts in many different genres, and I can sing rather well. If I wanted to turn John and the boys off, I would and sing some other songs that I like.

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Coldplay hands down

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I’m going to second the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

I immediately thought, “Beatles”. But as amazing as they are, I’d ultimately tire of the lyrics.

Then I thought, “jazz” – perhaps Stan Getz or Dizzy. But I’m afraid I’d find it too busy at times.

So I’m settling on the BSO. I don’t think I’d ever get bored.

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harry gregson williams or hans zimmer

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Im torn between three so I would pick either Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, or The Beatles. I think I would lean more towards Pearl Jam or The Beatles because they have such a variety of music, but I couldn’t imagine a life without Ben as well.

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Pearl Jam! Done!

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As much as I like The Beatles, it would probably be, of course Muse, Hot Hot Heat, or The Used.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal I have listen to them all my life it makes me sad to think I would never hear Eddie’s beautiful voice or Mike McCready’s amazing guitar riffs again :(

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Girl Talk. at least it’s like 4 different songs in one

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Coheed and Cambria

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Son Volt

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Electric Light Orchestra

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Pink Floyd.

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Easy. Chameleon Circuit.

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@Bluefreedom Another 70s teen methinks….

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Right now, at this time in my life, I think I could listen to Sonny Landreth for the long haul.
He is amazing for his age, and I am sure he still will be for another 20.

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Noble Spirit, the best little jazz ensemble that no one has ever heard of.

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@Adagio. Not exactly. I started my teens in 1980 but I grew up listening to 70’s music that my parents played all the time and it’s always been my favorite decade for music.

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It would have to be the Beatles for me, too. Many songs to choose from (especially if you count each individual’s independant later efforts), and the style changed quite a bit over the years.

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Barbra Streisand

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I would have to go with the Decemberists.

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@cprevite How could you tire of timeless lyrics like “She loves you Yeah Yeah Yeah”?

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@ESV I’m changing my answer to Pink Floyd. Now that’s music.

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It has to be W.A.M

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@larslines What is W.A.M? I googled it and couldn’t figuer it out.Welcome to fluther.

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