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What is the farthest length you have ever run at one time?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) September 18th, 2009

What was it for (just because, health, military, etc…)? What type of terrain did you run on? Weather conditions? How did you feel afterward? Are you going to try and beat your own record?

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I walked 26.2 miles. It hurt! It was for a good cause though. I doubt if I will ever do it again. Maybe a half marathon.

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about 10km in the rain at night, at a time when there were no phones and nobody around to give me a lift. It was downhill and quite easy however.

Uphill I climbed all the way up the Nisyros volcano from the harbour (which is even more than 10km) but I was obviously walking, not running, and stopped a couple of times. It was extremely hot but dry, and not as tiring as I thought it would be. I expected to have blisters and be sore the following day, but I was fine. Not even particularly tired.

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A half marathon, 13.1 miles. Ran it in the rain. It was one of those “why the hell not” decisions. Afterwards, I was very, very hungry and my legs were very, very stiff.

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I was run-ning.

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I’ve walked at one time, at most, about 20 miles. Or whatever the length of Manhattan is from Castle Clinton to the end of Inwood Park and partly back down again to 96th and Broadway. I had to stop and get on a train. I basically had noodles for legs by then, and they were sore for days. The terrain was mostly concrete and cement, except for Inwood Park. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Now, I run a little over 5K three days a week on a surface specially installed in my local park by the NYC Parks Department. I and my knees are grateful.

However. We are all beat out by this action transvestite. Now he only has to master jumping and climbing trees!

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We used to run a mile a day when I cheered in high school. People thought we were the track team lol! That’s the farthest I’ve run. I can’t jog for longer than a minute now.

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This is pretty pathetic, but the farthest I’ve ever run is one mile. We all had to do it during track practice in middle school, and I thought I was going to puke when I finished. Short-distance sprinting was more my thing! Sometimes I go jogging with my husband, and I’ll do a couple of miles switching between jogging and walking. I’m up to jogging ¾ of the way, but I have to take it very easy because I get shin splints.

As for walking, I don’t really know the farthest. I’ve done some walks for charity that were 9 or 10 miles. Tiring, but not impossible.

Way back in my youth, before my friends and I had driver’s licenses, we used to ride our bikes everywhere. My best friend had an odometer on her bike, and the farthest we went in one day was 20 miles. We never seemed to get tired or feel sore the next day. Ah, to be young again!

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120 kms. Very slowly.

Half marathon.

Nowadays, I just run from the bed to the bathroom.

Sometimes, I don’t make it.

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6.4 miles. Running. After a 1 mile swim. Averaged less than 9 min/mi. which made me happy.

I’m training up for my first olympic distance triathlon.

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I used to run 5 miles five days a week, typically around the golf course in Coral Gables. I was studying karate and would run either with a friend or with the other upper-level students and the sensei. Now I am happy to jog one mile and generally do it around a track.

I have walked as far as 26 miles in a day when I used to back pack in the Sierra Nevadas back when I was a Girl Scout and later on when I was a grad student doing field work in Arizona and Northern Mexico. Now I try to walk 2 or 3 miles most days, if my feet will let me.

Once upon a time I used to ride my bicycle everywhere, even to work (7 miles one way) but now I ride about once a week. Most recently I went on a ride with my daughter. She said it was going to be a short ride and it was for her. It was about 9 miles along a golf cart track that goes up and down small hills. The biggest problem is that she was riding a 21-speed touring bike, and I was riding a 1-speed tricycle. I wasn’t sore the next day, but I sure did sleep well that night.

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Oh I forgot, I once ran 15km (an actual race). Exhausting!

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5 miles for lacrosse conditioning

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I forgot I used to play soccer. We ran a lot then.

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@simone54: Was that a Forrest Gump reference?

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26.2 miles in the Rock N’ Roll San Diego Marathon. My friend and I did it for a ‘fitness goal’. Seriously doubt I’d ever attempt it again. Maybe on a relay team.

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I think it was 15 blocks at my fastest pace to the beer store only minutes before they were closing…I made it. Sweet victory!!

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My personal trainer runs 15 and 20 miles at least a couple of times a week. She’s always talking about getting up at 4:30 a.m. to run some ungodly distance. She’s either dedicated or crazy.

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I ran a mile in gym class my freshman year of high school, because I had to. Since then I would say I’ve never run more than a block. Now that I’m working out, I use the elliptical and usually go close to two miles, does that count?

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@MissAusten – She’s addicted to the endorphins. You may want to talk to her about a 12-step program. Or not.~

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@chicadelplaya YES!! Thank you for getting that.

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@girlofscience, I’ll give you credit getting the Forrest Gump reference. Lurve. :)

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Oppps. Sorry. Many lurves.

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