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Has anyone here ever got a ticket for jaywalking?

Asked by Spargett (5390points) January 23rd, 2008

Just curious if its actually happened, and what the fine, etc. was. If you have, I’d also be curious as to where it was.

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A friend of mine got a ticket for jaywalking in Tel Aviv, Israel. The fine was around equivalent to $50.

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I got one in downtown Seattle about 1993, walking to a job about 8:00 AM, by a motorcycle officer, when there was no traffic that would interact with me in any way. Practically no one there. No way I was harming or risking anything. I was in a crosswalk but the light wasn’t technically my turn, but it was not the turn for any present traffic either. Giving me was a ticket was totally not serving the people in any useful way unless you count taking money from people and educating them about the letter of the law (here in the LAND OF LIBERTY, THE LAND OF THE FREE, etc.) helpful, and I do not. I went to see the judge and he said he didn’t have the power to reverse it but he cut the fee as low as he could. I forget how much, maybe it was $40 down to $20.

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Yeah, the reason I was inspired to ask the question is I’ve had so many close calls in San Francisco. Times where I was either clearly about to as a cop went by, or where I jaywalked right in front of an officer.

I’ve yet to be stopped, but I don’t want to push my luck. Even if the ticket is only $20, I can still think of 100 better things to spend $20 on.

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Although one time when I was a teenager I jaywalked in a residential suburban area of
Rocklin, CA (a quiet, white, affluent, suburban place) then had an officer pull out of a little hidden spot and drive behind me (at about 3mph) while I was on foot, eventually turning on his lights and sirens to, uhhh pull me over? on foot. He let me go after a 20 min lecture.

In my opinion the whole thing was much more embarrassing for the officer than for me.

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Ya I really think it’s an embarrassment to the USA the way we have our police playing games with us when there is zero safety issue. Seems to me petty traffic laws should only be used if someone’s creating a dangerous situation or grossly inconveniencing others.

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A New Yorker/Bostonian, I moved to Olympia, Washington about 35 years ago and
was instantly given a jaywalking ticket by a cop having coffee in a nearby diner, bored to tears in what was then a crimeless community (crystal meth has changed this). It cost me about five bucks.

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My wife and sister got jaywalking tickets in downtown Olympia in 2004. A cop on a motorcycle made a u-turn in traffic, almost causing an accident, in order to apprehend the two criminals. I think the fine was $47 each.

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1977 in Dallas Texas with four others going to lunch during a downtown convention. went to the convention production office and they “took care of it”, I think only because we were registered members of the convention.

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My Dad did while in college. I think he was jogging for track practice at the time.

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When I was in Junior High, I was a tutor at a local elementary school and I got a J-walking ticket while I was on my way to go tutor with some other tutors. The officer chose to make me an example since I crossed last. My friends had crossed in front of a car which had stopped, I waited but the driver of the car waved me across so I went.

I got a reprimand from the judge. A few years later I found a penal code book and realized that where I crossed wasn’t even J-walking because the driveway of the school broke the street and was a legal place to cross.

As far as petty enforcement I once got a ticket for expired tags on my truck, My truck was registered I just had not yet received the new tag. I was Friday night when I got the ticket so I was going to have to wait for Monday to go to the DMV. I had to go to work on Saturday and the same traffic guy came and wrote another ticket.

After I getting the tags on Monday I went to the traffic enforcement place and filed a dispute. I didn’t have to pay the ticket because I could show that the truck was registered. However I had to pay $20 per ticket to file the dispute. Very irritating.

Thankfully though I’ve been given a lot more breaks than tickets.

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not personally but i was with someone who did.
when i was in high school, the five-oh’s used to just hover around campus around lunch time. we had an open campus and they would just wait for us to do something wrong.
davis cops are quite finicky.

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In Las Vegas this is a major problem and the police are cracking down to the point where there was a special on TV. If here, watch it because we see about a death every 2 or 3 weeks from it.

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Wow, that’s some draconian enforcement!

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