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Contemplating getting a Sony Ericsson c905 in December, but I have a few questions...

Asked by justn (1382points) September 18th, 2009

I believe there are three different versions, the c905, c905a, and c905i. ATT will most likely be the cell provider I switch to (from Verizon). I don’t want to buy an ATT branded c905a from them. What version of the c905 will work with ATT’s 3G network?

Another question, when I buy said SE c905 do I just walk into an ATT store and tell them I’d like a service plan? How does that work?

Final questions, whats the best place to go to be able to handle and play with the c905 around the Bakersfield, CA area? Also, whats a trustworthy website to buy an unlocked Sony Ericsson phone from?

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Know the sony 850i?

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I had the C905 , I had it 2 days and returned it . Its balls stay away from it , go with a different sony or different phone all together

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@Zen yeah that was another one I was looking at, the k850i at least, not the w850i.

@sandystrachan Why didn’t you like it? I basically want a phone with a great camera. What other Cypber-shot SE would you recommend?

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The k800i was a great phone , the w910i was ok . I moved away from Sony and ended up with an LG i should have just bought HTc when i had the chance . The reason i moved away from Sony was the C range was soo pants and the other fones wasn’t doing anything for me either .

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still use the 850i and it’s perfect

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