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Am I bloated?

Asked by deni (22607points) September 19th, 2009

Well I’ve been eating semi poorly the past few days but I still feel good. But tonight after I ate a calzone, I had a bit of ice cream. Right after the ice cream, I got this weird feeling in my looow abdomen. Not my stomach area. I just got off work, and the feeling is still there, and it is annoying and I’d prefer it to go away. I FEEL like I have gas, but I don’t. And I haven’t eaten anything spicy, though I did eat a lot of beans yesterday. But I always eat a lot of beans.

I rarely have physical ailments which is why I don’t know what a common thing like bloating feels like. Also, I should be getting my period in the next few days, if thats any indication of what it may be…?

Thanks fluther!

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I suggest making a herbal tea like peppermint or chamomile. That can help with indigestion or bloating. Also avoid high fat and spicy foods, and chew your food slowly…also maybe mixing a calzone with icecream may not agree with your system. If you dont have herbal tea maybe just some warm water with lemon juice might help. If you still have the pain after your period maybe you should see a doctor. Hope you feel better!!!

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Not to sound crude, but whenever I get that feeling, I know it is time to take a big dump. I haven’t a menses period in 49 years, but since I’m a guy, that might be all the explanation needed. =)

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Just because you haven’t had any spicy food doesn’t mean you haven’t irritated your GI tract… a lot of dairy will do that to you (ie calzone + ice-cream). Also beans will contribute.. and just because you have gas does not mean you will necessarily “release” it. The bloat may be a combination of slow intestinal movement brought on by irritation (i would blame the dairy) and the fact that you are closing in on your period.

My suggestion is lay off the dairy and high-protein meals for a couple of days…. increas fiber intake and drink lots of water… should take care of it.

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Yes. Go for a walk.

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No worries folks, everything is back to normal inside of me :)

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