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Erratic performance from Batteries in Macbook Pro?

Asked by majorrich (14741points) September 19th, 2009

Over the past several weeks, the health of the battery in my Macbook Pro has been tremendously wonky. Yesterday, the health percentage according to iStat Pro went from 97% to 63% when I inadvertently unplugged the laptop whilst I succumbed to ‘resting my eyes’. Am I just thinking too much or is this something I should worry about?

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I am not sure if this is the same thing or not but my apple Macbook on battery would, without warning shut down. Black screen.

After diagnostics at Apple store I got a new battery free as the last one was defective.

Again- not sure if you have a bad battery or not but you may want to take it in for diagnostics.

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Yea, mine started doing that; from 100% to 10% in nothing flat. Got to the point where I had to keep it plugged in to use it. Now it is totally dead unless plugged in. Time for a new battery.

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