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Is it possible in C++ to declare a vector of characters as a private variable in a class header file? If so, why isn't it working for me?

Asked by HeroicZach (195points) September 19th, 2009

When I declare, like this:

class myClass
//public functions
vector<char> myVector;

The program compiles, but when I set up the default constuctor in the .cpp file that matches up with this .h class header, like this:


…the program does not compile. What’s the deal?

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Just throwing this in. Have you cleaned, before you execute?

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You are not using the correct syntax for the vector constructor. Look at the specification at Dinkumware.

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If you want to put an entire array in to the vector at once, I suggest you check out this page (specifically the last example):

If you don’t want to use arrays, then I suggest using the push_back function. Examples of this can be found here:

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