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What is the best gadget ever made?

Asked by 744844 (1points) January 23rd, 2008
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ipod, no doubt

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That’s a really tough question. Gadgets? I will say I’ve never experienced a level of organization and fingertip resources/features since I got my iPhone.

I so guess my answer is a computer, but a computer that fits in your pocket and makes phone calls and take pictures is a tad more versatile.

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Ipod is my favorite

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I’m gonna go with spargett on this one. Jeez, really, the only thing the iPhone doesn’t do is copy/paste, or do everday household chores such as doing dishes. Otherwise, one of the best gadgets ever created.

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I’ll agree with the others above that chimed in on the iPhone. I got mine in October and I still marvel at it every day. Easily the most useful gadget I’ve ever purchased.

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The Swiss Army Knife I had as a kid. Man, that thing went with me everywhere and got me out of some jams, let me tell you…

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@segdeha, that sounds scary/violent.

I would have to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. It has it’s drawbacks, but it’s as close to perfect as any other tiny device that does everything ever. [Being the only gadget that fits that category, I suppose that isn’t a fair comparison.]

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iPhone, and agreed that if they ever figure out copy/paste then it’ll seal the deal for sure.

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It seems to me that there are more questions or complaints concerning the iphone then nearly anything else.I’m sure it’s versatile, but must to complicated (I don’t have one yet). There have been 3 or 4 questions in the last couple of days concerning iphones. , Gadget: how about the ball point pen, or padlock or door lock, or windshield wiper or automatic shutoff on fuel pumps et al?

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Havahart rodent trap. A green resource, including “dust to dust’ and no power source needed (excluding me.)

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As in terms of a “gadget”...


For what it can do, it has become a tool that I use all day. Though we all knew that someday we would have something like this…I never thought it would work this good & be so valuable to my everyday life.

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Sliced bread.

Don’t know if it qualifies as a gadget, but…

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definitely the swiss army knife, like Maverick….although I’m also a huge fan of my n800

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Another cool one from my youth was the old-style bicycle speedometer, the one that had a little disc with a nib that caught on a spoke to make it spin. Even though it slowed you down some tiny, imperceptible amount, as a kid it was the coolest thing ever to see immediate feedback about how your wildly flailing legs translated into a few more MPH. Of course, it meant you spent more time staring at the dial than at the road ahead, and this is before kids all wore helmets. It’s surprising some of us survived childhood. (Oh, and I had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow…barefoot.)

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@kelly, If I could give you 10 “Great answer!“s for that one, I would!

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@segdeha; inquiring minds want to know, or at least I do.

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I love frisbee, especially ultimate.

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probably the knife, I would classify it as a gadget and it’s possibilities are endless. In the technology ring I would have to go with the laptop. Computing while not being tied to anything and the possibilities are endless

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i would say Dishwasher, but it’s more a must have….

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Nah, I grew up washing my dishes by hand.

Of course, that might be considered child abuse these days. But isn’t that why people have kids?

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my family has never had a dishwasher. We just moved and we’re about to remove the dishwasher already there in favor of more cabinets. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a dishwasher.

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First-hand watch.

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Well, considering this conversation has veered greatly from what I would consider “gadgets” then I’m just gonna have to trump everyone with my new, expanded scope, submission:

The Wheel.

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How is fire a gadget? I’ve always classified it as a chemical reaction, but that’s just me.

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@Spargett, It’s a joke. Just taking the “wheel” answer to the next extreme. Sorry if I offended your inner-chemist. I’m well aware that fire is a chemical reaction.

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