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What was it that ripped, and is it bad?

Asked by invic (110points) September 20th, 2009

My brother sneezed and something bursted behind his belly-button, some sort of eploding organ he describes it as. SO what is it?

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It sounds like some kind of hernia. He needs to see a physician, not a Jellie.

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Hernia, have him see a doctor.

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Maybe a hernia, maybe just a pulled muscle. However, as others have said, a doctor would be best able to figure it out.

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It is unlikely an organ burst. If it is a hernial tear, however, it will not heal without repair.

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and even if he does have hernia surgery, like I did, it is possible to rip it again, like I did. Now I just live with the pain, since I cannot afford to take the time off to recover. See a doctor, and get a REAL diagnosis.

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If it was an organ burst he’d probably be close to dead right now. It’s most likely a hernia or, if he’s lucky just a muscle tear. Take him to a doctor.

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thanks everyone,. sadly he goes to the VA, or something like taht, so its going to take a while, but he says that and hasnt gone ahahaha. just dwelling with it.

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