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My computer beeps loudly but wont start up?

Asked by Unholy_274 (8points) January 23rd, 2008

When I try to start up my computer it beeps loudly for about 5 seconds, then is quiet for around 5 seconds then beeps again for 5 seconds. Nothing comes up on the screen. It continues to beep indefinitely… Does anybody know what could be cause it or how I can fix it?

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Hello, Does anything show on the screen? Mac or PC? I would unplug the CPU for about 5 min. then plug it back in and start up again. Also, and this may sound funny, make sure nothing is resting on the keyboard. I once had a client who had moved his clipboard forward so the top was pressing on the space bar so the computer couldn’t keep up. I didn’t notice…...I mean he didn’t notice for about 5 min. If your on a PC you could try starting up in SAFE mode (hit f8 at start up I believe) On a mac, well, lets see if you have a mac first. Lemme know how it goes.

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It is either the RAM the video card or the cpu. This can be determined by the beep sequence. Listen to how it beeps is it multiple quick beeps or spaced out?

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I use a pc running windows XP. Nothing shows up on the screen at all. There is nothing on the keyboard either haha :P
The beeps are spaced out as I described. Each one lasts for around 5 seconds. There is about a 5 second gap inbetween each beep.

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If you feel up to it I would suggest the following:
Open the computer remove all HW like disks, video or audio cards, RAM, ... till you keep the bare motherboard. Of course this won’t work but when you power on the PC it shouldn’t give the beeps. If it does you propably have a broken motherboard. If it doesn’t you can add all the devices again 1 at the time and boot between every addition. Best to start with the important things first. You need RAM to work, and a HDD is necessary too. You should reach a point where the beeps come back, the last thing you added is propably the one thing that is faulty.
A note of caution though: be careful whith your stuff some things break or get damaged when you don’t do this properly.

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Have a look at this list of beep codes for your bios. I’m sure there are others out there, but if yours is in this list, it’d be a good place to start.

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@uberbatman, it could also be a motherboard problem.
Is this a new setup that your trying for the first time? If not, did you mess with the bios settings? The first thing you should do (mostly because its easiest and cures alot of problems) is reset your CMOS. Theres a jumper on your motherboard that you can move to another position, let it sit for about 30sec and then put it back in the original spot and reboot. Look up online where your jumper is since idk what kind of board you have. Or remove the little battery on your motherboard, let it sit for awhile and let all the charge dissipate, press your power button a few times and wait a bit more. A few minutes should be fine, then put it back in and the CMOS should be reset, though with my setup it doesn’t always reset (probably because I wait like 10 sec instead of a few minutes).

If that doesn’t do it, test all your parts in a seperate, working system.

Also, do you have a digital POST code display on your motherboard? Should be a 2 character little display that shows a code. Look up the code in your motherboard manual to find out whats going wrong.

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