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How to change my parent's opinon on something?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) September 20th, 2009

I wanted to purchase a drumset and learn how to play it myself. I asked my parents for their permission and i was shot down. My mom said no, and that i don’t even have enough time to do homework, nevertheless play drums; and my father said it was too loud and that the neighbors would be annoyed. Is there a way i can change their mind about it, and make them let me purchase my own drumset?

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Make a bargain or something, I don’t know
Or get those electric drum sets where they don’t make a whole lot of noise or something

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Well, one way would be to show them how serious you are.

You could look into getting a practice pad and some sticks. Then show that you know how to manage your time with that effort.

I know it sucks in comparison but it represents a certain level of maturity.

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My brother has been a drummer all his life, and until recently made a good living at it (he’s tired of it now)

If you really want to play, get some drum pads, and use earphones so that you don’t disturb anyone, and practice like hell, but I warn you, it;s a hard life on the road, a lot of Ramada Inns, and a lot of playing “My Way” for drunks.

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@pdworkin, i just want to play for fun, possibly a hobby. haha..

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Drums are way too loud. I hate the neighbor kids who play drums 4 houses down.

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Then get a drum machine software if you’re gonna do it for a hobby

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Get your grades up, rent a space in an industrial area, buy the drums and go to it-or wait til you are on your own and deal with your own neighbors

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Story of my life dude.
My mom doesn’t like me playing drums, she says it’s noisy and she doesn’t like it. Probably because it’s for “guys”, but then again, she doesn’t approve of anything I do so I don’t care. My dad is more supportive, (that’s why he is my favorite.
What I do is I muffle the sound. I put a thin blanket on top of my drums. And I just leave the high-hats alone. And that doesn’t make them sound so loud. I play them as a hobby as well. But to get them to change their mind is going to be a little tuff. Show them that that is what you want to do. And stick to it.
Are you going to buy them yourself or are they going to buy them for you?

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@Tink1113, I was planning to buy them myself. haha. :P

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My neighbor’s kid has a drumset, and I am annoyed. Join band and play drums at school. If you’re lucky, you can even take it as a class and get credit, then they can’t complain that you don’t have time for it.

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They bring up a good point up there.

My ex-wife played piano so we got a 8 times sampled digital one with weighted keys and everything. you could plug in headphones and no problemo.

Get the practice pads. Show them your serious by keeping your grades up and shoot for the next major holiday.

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@curiouscat I don’t see a problem with you buying them for yourself, they should be happy they aren’t the ones paying for it. My parents bought me mine.

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@Tink1113, yeah, that’s what i was thinking…. but no, they’re so difficult. :(

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@curiouscat How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking, that can change my answer.

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oh, well i’m almost 17…, haha, tell me if that changes your answer?

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17, I thought you’d be younger and they would want to control you. But your old, haha not in that way.

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How about getting your homework done right after school, and then go in each night and tell your mom “All my homework is done, and I could now be playing my drums.”
This would require your doing your homework every night for about a month before she would believe you.

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regarding the noise show your parents these
They go on a real drum set and they lower the volume level to about a talking level
also I doubt it would work on your parents but there are numerous studies that show kids who are involved in music do better in school. Maybe show them some of these studies and make an agreement as to how much time you will spend on them.

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Easy answer, show them your good (B and better) grades, and offer to buy a “in house” drum set that keeps the sound confined to your own room. Be prepared to pay for your own lessons and practice sessons at the music/lesson shop.

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Do you have a basement? Can you soundproof it? Is there another place you could leave your drums and practice there? Is there a band you could play with that has a rehearsal space?

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@daloon, well i do have a basement… haha, i think i’d go with the paddings for the drums or the ear phones. That is, if i can eventually and actually show them that i’m responsible enough to finish my homework and get good marks. Andd, i was planning to make a band. lol…, so kinda need to get drums first and then master it. Well, i’ll probably share the drums with my brother too, and i think i would leave it in the basement. Welll, i guess i should be doing my math homework right now.

Thanks alll for the comments. =D Wish me luck :P

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present yourself respectfully, and with a good argument. don’t get (or show that you are) annoyed easily. show them that you’re responsible.
think about the points they can make, and be able to counteract them. and make sure you talk to them when they’re not already in a bad mood or something, and when they have time, because they’ll probably be more likely to hear you out.
good luck [:

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