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Favorite remedy for chapped lips?

Asked by answerjill (6198points) September 20th, 2009

That’s pretty much the whole question.

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Take an old toothbrush and brush (gently) over your lips.

Then put on a super-moisturizing lip balm. (Vaseline is great, if you’re not against petroleum. Otherwise, Burt’s Bees works well.)

Otherwise, get some sugar or brown sugar and mix with olive oil to a paste consistency. Apply to lips and gently rub to remove the dead skin.

As with the toothbrush, make sure to apply super-moisturizing lip balm afterwards.

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And I want to punch whoever made their website. Flash, really?

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I used to use Cherry Ice, but they don’t make it anymore-or I can’t find it one of the two. They do have Cherry Carmex now that I’m quite partial to, but lately I’ve been using some Nivea stuff. It’s in a tube like a lipstick and it works really well. It’s kind of expensive, but I don’t care. I just hate being addicted to “chapstick” that’s what I call all of it Once you start using it it’s hard to get away from it.

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@knitfroggy, is that the Nivea in the yellow tube?

I find that most anything that’s marketed as “chapstick”, even the cheapy Bonne Bell stuff, works fine, if you use it consistently.

(While I had super super chapped lips on Accutane, I found that the Carmex (the cherry flavor! lurve for @knitfroggy) squeezy tube or the Bonne Bell big tubes (link) worked the best out of everything—Aquaphor, aka. vaseline, is too gloppy for normal, day-to-day usage.)

Also, although @teh_kvlt_liberal is probably being snarky, he’s right: drinking water/staying hydrated will help prevent chapped lips in the first place.

(If it’s something that’s popped up recently, it might be a reaction to a new product—new chapstick, new toothpaste, new food, etc.)

ETA: Found the big Lip Smackers, even if not in the flavor I have and lurve (Tropical Punch).

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@evegrimm It’s the Nivea in the blue tube. It’s like $3 which is expensive to me, because Cherry Carmex is like .97. It works good though and it soaks in quick!

I went to school with a girl that kept a tub of Mentholatum in her purse and rubbed that on her lips! Can you imagine? Mentholatum is like Vick’s Vaporub on drier and stinkier!

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For me, plain old Chapstick has always worked great. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve tried anything else, but I always went back to Chapstick. During the winter months, I need to use it daily. For the rest of the year, I rarely use it.

Drink a lot of water, avoid licking your lips, and avoid too much sun exposure. Those things will help too.

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Burt’s bees original peppermint chapstick

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Baby Vick’s at night.

Avon’s Care Deeply is the best lip balm I have ever found.

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You can also get some sugar and mix it with a little water, kind of make a paste and rub it on your lips to exfoliate them if they are like cracked and peeling. Plus it tastes good!

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Burt’s Bees, just the plain original lip balm in a tube. One of my favorite things in the world. And water too.

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I found some stuff called Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. It works pretty well and smells like chocoolate cake (funny that). And it has sunscreen. I am in the sun and wind often and my lips are really dry, as long as I remember to use it consistently, they all seem to do their job.

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What does everyone mean when they say water??? Do you mean drink it or rub it on your lips??

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@rooeytoo Drinking it

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@deni – Thank you for responding, but I don’t get it, how does drinking water help chapped lips.

It is very hot here and I consume a lot of water, but still always seem to have chapped lips!

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@rooeytoo It just keeps everything more hydrated, skin and lips included. And if they’re hydrated, they shouldn’t be so chapped…where are you at?

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Hey, Suzy Chapstick!

I actually use Carmex. Burt’s Bees, huh? I’ve heard good things about their products!

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@deniI am in the top end of Australia. It is the end of the dry and it is very HOT and DRY. It is no wonder my lips are chapped.

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@rooeytoo, I’m sorry that your lips are chapped! That’s one of the worst things ever. Vaseline works wonders, if you use it at night before bed. Just smear it on!

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@evegrimm – thank you, I will give it a try, hope I don’t slide right off my pillow!!!

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@aprilsimnel I was definitely skeptical of Burt’s Bees, but they’re worth the price. Especially if you love peppermint. I’ve found nothing mintier and no lip balm more effective.

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Thanks for all of the great ideas!

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@Beta_Orionis – Thanks! Good to know!

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