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Do you still live in the town you were born in?

Asked by knitfroggy (8977points) September 20th, 2009

I’ve lived in the same town most of my life. I’ve lived in two other towns for about a year each but came back to my hometown. My husband and I are both from this town and we both pretty much hate it, but both of our families live here, so I guess that’s why we stay. Do you like your hometown? Do you still live there? Why or why not?

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I no longer live in my hometown because I moved away for college.

However, prior to this move, I lived relatively close to where I was born + grew up. I have yet to move out of the state, although I’ve traveled.

I do miss living near where my family is, and I also miss seeing their pets. (Everyone in my family, except my grandpa, has pets. It’s nice to see both the people and their pets when I visit.)

When/if I move on to graduate school, I’ll probably go back to living closer to family. It’d be nice to be no more than a 30–45 min. drive away. (Then I could visit for dinner, or meet for a movie, or just visit on the weekends.)

(Since I am weird, I also miss the familiar streets and stores and libraries, not just the people. Them’s the breaks, though, when you live in the same city most of your life, then up and leave.)

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Unfortunately. I got out once, but I ran out of monies.

I’m soon to leave again, though.

Thank Jeebus

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In fact, I’ve never lived in the same state as the one in which I was born. But either way, I live 3,000 miles away from there now.

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We moved twice when I was a kid, but always within my home state of Indiana. From the age of 4, until I was 12, we lived in Fort Wayne. Nice neighborhood, lots of other kids. I walked to school, the local pool, and a nearby shopping center. We had great neighbors, but I was young enough to not really miss the town.

When I was 12, we moved to a much smaller town about half an hour away. We actually lived six miles outside of town in a rural area. We had a big pond, lots of woods, and plenty of space to roam. My friends and I rode our bikes everywhere, I took riding lessons, and spent countless hours exploring the woods around our house. I have fond memories of that small town and the time I spent there with my friends.

However, when I graduated from college I didn’t want to move back home. My parents had separated, things were awkward, and the area didn’t have much to offer. I moved to Connecticut with a friend of mine, and never once considered moving back home. Living near the ocean (OK, I realize it’s actually Long Island Sound, but it’s salty and the beaches are great) is such an amazing experience for me. It’s been almost 12 years, and I still get all excited over finding hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and moon jellies. I love that my kids are growing up near the water. My husband is here, his big Italian family is wonderful, and I love being able to take the train to NYC or drive up to Boston or Providence. It is beautiful here, and there are so many fantastic places within an hour’s drive. And the restaurants! All those people in Indiana who think the Olive Garden is the epitome of Italian food truly have my pity. ;) We could live a lot cheaper in Indiana, but it has no appeal to me, even though I do enjoy visits back home…briefly. ;)

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Yep. I lived a few other places after high school (San Diego, Windsor, London for University), but, came back home and found a job here in Sarnia. I hated it back in the day (in my teens we called it “Sarnhole”). Now? It’s not so bad.

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i haven’t been to my birth city in 26 years, and the state it’s in in over 15 years.

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@jmah you got some missasauga in your sarnhole

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Case of the “born and raised” right here. Have moved 3 times, but in the same town. I plan to change this come August of next year.

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Not in the same town, but 15 miles away. I wish I had gotten far away, but it didn’t turn out that way. My hope is to some day live near an ocean.

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Yup. Sacramento born and bred.

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No, I live on the other side of the world.
While I sometimes miss the food, I love the culture and atmosphere too much to leave NYC.

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I live almost in the same town I was born in. I am in the same area. The house where I was born is about 12 miles from here as the crow flies. I have lived in Southern Texas and found it not to my liking.

Coming back here from there, I found out that this place is pretty awesome, and the history here is just as fascinating as any history anywhere else in the US. We have the Driftless Region, which I find utterly fascinating and about an hour away by car.

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@rabbitheart where are you from originally?

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Yes, I do. I hate it… The city’s kind of nice though.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, I was born and raised (for the earlier part of my childhood) in Tokyo.

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@AstroChuck Glad to hear you’re proud to be from Sactown. :o)

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Nope, and don’t think I would EVER want to live there again (Las Vegas, NV).

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@eponymoushipster What state is that?

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Strangely, yes. I moved away when I was a few months old and just returned last year. My how it’s changed.

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@eponymoushipster Too cold. You are much better where you are now!

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I got out of town when I was 7 mos old, returned when I was in my early teens when it was still the prototypical small Southern town, I went back for family reasons 40 years later and it had become just another sad parade of soulless strip malls. The waitress at the Denny’s next to the Holiday Inn on the freeway that ran right through the middle of town, asked me where I was from. I said I was born there but now I lived in San Francisco. She said “You aren’t coming back, are you?”

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@eponymoushipster Michigan is quite the state. Everyone’s from here, but no one wants to stay here.

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@chyna philly has it’s share of cold.

@Sampson well, i left when i was 4. i didn’t have much say in the matter. ;)

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@eponymoushipster I have been to philly once. I really liked it. Not enough time to really explore though.

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@eponymoushipster Everyone is leaving MI. Despite beautiful (nature wise and stuff) as it is here, I can’t blame them.

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@chyna we’ve got tons of stuff. tons. you should visit. we have beer!

@Sampson well, the auto industry took care of that.

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@eponymoushipster If I come back, I will contact you first for “places of interest.”

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No. Born in Buffalo, moved to Michigan as a toddler, moved to Milwaukee as a pre-schooler, moved to Madison for uni and moved to NYC because I couldn’t pursue my career in film the way I wanted to in Madison after graduating uni. I like New York.

I’ve been to Buffalo as an adult. I need for my cities to be big ones.

Would love to move to London! :D

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No, I moved here 4 years ago. I was born and raised in Anaheim, Ca. I moved to the gates of hell. I miss the cool weather we had over there.

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Nope, but I’ve only moved once. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I moved to San Francisco, California when I was 11. However, now I’m living at Stanford University.

I wouldn’t want to live in the same place for too long but I also wouldn’t want to move all the time like some people do. Of course, I would hope that would include lots of traveling. :)

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I was born in Germany, (Parents are were military) but we moved to the states when I was a month old. Military families… I really wanted to travel like many of my other friends, but for the last 22 yrs, been in the same place.

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I do, but as soon as I finish the local CC, I plan on transferring to a University Of California ( I live in CA). I may or may not come back fro a short time. I have been told that in my town in particular it is almost impossible to not come back eventually. I veel the same way @evegrimm does, I’ll miss this town and its streets and the bookstores and my friends and their pets, I just had that thought the other day. It’ll be weird for sure when I do get out.

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Not even close. I was born in Berkeley, California because my Dad was in the Navy. We relocated to my parents home town for about five years, but then moved to the big city, where my Dad made a living rehabbing older houses, so I moved on the average on once a year for until I was 14 years old, and then Dad slowed down to closer to one house every three years.

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No. I go back there once or twice a year, mainly because my father still lives there. If he left, I probably wouldn’t go within 150 miles of the place ever again.

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No, my dad was in the Navy so we travelled around a lot when I was younger. We managed to stay in the South of England but we never stayed in one place for long until my dad retired from the military. All together, at 23 years old, I have moved six times which is nowhere near as much as some of the other military families I know. My dad left the Navy when I was about 10 years old so we settled for a while before moving a couple of times again.

Basically I was born in Hampshire, UK and have moved through Devon and Somerset before settling in Wilthire (all in the UK).

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Geez, am I the only Navy brat here ho never moved? Jealous.

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@Facade I’m an Air Force brat, I was born in Germany, but my family go stationed in Co when I was a month old. I know that jealousy

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@Facade Wow and I thought I was lucky because we only had to move six times rather than fourteen like one of my co “Navy brat” friends!!!

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@Facade Wow and I thought I was lucky because we only had to move six times rather than fourteen like on of my co “Navy brat” friends!!!

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@Leanne1986 14? wow. That would be rough.

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Greater Los Angeles area: born, raised, educated (UCLA), with never a thought of living elsewhere (tho I have travelled extensively) . See ya….Gary/wtf

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No. I hope I will though.

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