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Can someone give me a short, condensed and easy to understand description of what the G20 summit is?

Asked by deni (22649points) September 20th, 2009

I do not enjoy politics. I stray away from them usually. However, since this G20 summit is taking place so close to me, and so many people I know are so angry about it, I’m thinking I should learn a thing or two.

Anyone wanna key me in as to what all the rage with this thing is? I get that it’s the leaders of the 20 richest countries, making decisions for the world as a whole? Right? I dunno. Help.

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Here’s their site
It’s a group of financial whiz-kids and powerful global figures discussing key issues in the global economy. Basically people get pissed because they feel these people of power are not fighting for the little guy. I go to WVU and we’re learning more and more about this summit in my sociology classes. We’ve read a lot of articles just out of local papers discussing the protests. You can check those out to hear the opinions of actual protesters.

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The “G-20” is a group of the 20 largest economies in the world, the “Group of 20 Nations”. Usually when they have a G20 summit, it is the financial ministers of all of those countries who meet. Every once in a while, the leaders (Presidents, etc) of those countries are the ones who meet.

These are the “more important” G20 meetings. The next such Leaders-Not-Economists meeting is this week, in Pittsburgh, where I live.

Its gonna be mayhem, mostly because Pittsburgh has a crazy-ass street grid, and getting people places securely in the city is a logistical nightmare.

Example: The leaders will be meeting in our convention center. Therefore, all of downtown (Roughly 15 blocks square) is closed for “security”. No cars, police barricades at every street, freeway exits shut down. Closed.

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@aphilotus I’m a pittsburgher too. we’re practically neighbors! jk, but i’ve been watching videos, and this shit is crazy. i kinda wish i was downtown, and at the same time, im super happy im not.

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If there were an Illuminati, it would probably be G20.

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