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What iPhone AIM web application do you use?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) January 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Sorry if this is a duplicate question, unable to search on the iPhone.

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alabare's avatar seems to be the most stable for non jailbroken phones. Think this will be about as good as it gets for another month or two.

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I use FlickIM and prefer it to either of the current native IM apps (which suck in my personal opinion). It supports AIM and .Mac, which is all I really care about. JiveTalk is also very good. You can see the links and more info in my comment to this question posed yesterday:
(third comment down)

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I like it better than Flickim or Meebo

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nice one Kraydl!

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I’ve plugged BeeJive in many other related questions as well. I’ve been using it since the begining and it’s the closest thing you’ll get to iChat on the iPhone unless Apple releases something.

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Yes, BeeJive/JiveTalk (what name do they actually go by anyway?) is good too that’s why I mentioned it in my original post. The OP specified AIM, however, and I think the FlickIM is actually better for that. The killer feature is that you can set up notifications so that you get an SMS message sent to you by FlickIM to alert you to a waiting message if you sleep your phone or exit Safari. I use them both occasionally but tend to prefer FlickIM.

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