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What would be the most profitable business for an artist to open, in your opinion?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) September 21st, 2009

Ideally a business that is not incredibly costly at the beginning. Any ideas you’ve got, throw ‘em out. Like, what would you pay for?

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Painting on empty bottles. A cheep craft to get started with. Results can be pretty beautiful.

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What kind of art do you do? Then I may be able to throw out some ideas :)

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A laundromat. But that’s not limited to artists.

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Take a look at what’s successful at Many of those are pretty low overhead.

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All art, every medium- I’m amateur but anything I put effort into with art tends to come out well enough for others to be impressed. I just gotta think, what people would buy. Etsy helps out there a bit, hah.

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The best kind of business to open is one that makes money.
You could sell pearls to pigs.

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I agree with kruger_d. Etsy is a great way to get your stuff out there and make some profit.

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What you can also do is amke up your own site and do art requests,. I know a few friends that have wanted a certain picture drawna nd they describe it and i, being an amateur at best, draw it or paint it for them and mail it and get paid. thats for orders but if you wana sell your stuff just like that then yeah,. Etsy is pretty good place to start

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Get together with a few other artists and open an art gallery co-op. That would leave you open to sell art from anyone who wanted to leave their art on consignment or as a full paying partner.

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Go into selling add art. Many people are very into visually appealing adds.

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I’d advise a collective/co-op kind of thing. Also, a coffee shop or bar for artists to gather at would bring in income while giving you a creative space in which to work.

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