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Can you take Sudafed PE that is out of date? It expired 08/2009.

Asked by nickbilton (7points) September 21st, 2009
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Well… I don’t know whether you can, but I have managed on quite a lot of occasions. Quite similar to taking the ones that are not over date. ;-)

But seriously… these are dry stored caplets and if stored properly, I couldn’t imagine that being two months over date would matter.

no guranatees here: if your nose turns green, then I will just tell you that you should have consulted a professional

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You can, but I would not as chemical compounds change over time and with temperature flucuations.

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There probably is no real danger to taking slightly outdated medicines. The worst thing that would happen is that the medicine wouldn’t work.

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That’s barely expired. I’d take it. @shilolo is correct, it might be less potent.

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Since we are so close to the expiration date, you should be fine.

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Do you think it is going to self distruct at 08/2009.

WIll be potent for probably a good year after experation date at least.

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What would you say to my mother’s medicine chest? When clearing it out a year ago I came across some drugs that had expired in 1988.

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Get a better answer than anyone will give you here – call a pharmacist.

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That date isn’t an arbitrary number. Would you eat for that was 2 months beyond expiration? I’d pay attention to it

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The U.S. Army did a study of expired medication. Sometimes it was weaker, or non-effective, but not dangerous. Except for expired antibiotics, which are dangerous because they are too weak to kill the germs and could create supergerms, since your body’s bacteria would easily overcome it.

But Sudafed (and antihistamines, and pain killers) should not only be safe, but strong. Unless it was exposed to sunlight in which case it may be weak. The Army tested medications 10 years past their expiration dates.

Your medicine should be mostly fine.

The U.S. Army now saves millions of dollars annually, by not throwing away expired medications, until they truly are weak, which is many years past expiration.

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