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How does a fiance visa work?

Asked by kheredia (5558points) September 21st, 2009

What is the process like? How long does it take to get it? What kind of proof do you need to present? What do they investigate? About how much does it cost? Any information is useful. Thanks!

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Is your fiance coming to the US or are you going elsewhere? (I’m going off your profile that says you are in the US.)

As for proof, the friends I’ve known who’ve gone through the process have printed out emails, letters, and brought gifts and cards. Anything you have that documents your relationship is good. In the visa process, sentimentality is vital—the more you can prove you’ve been dating a long time, love each other, and want to get married, the better off you are.

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@EmpressPixie Thanks for the info. Yeah, he would be coming to the US. And I believe I have a lot of those things you mentioned. I just would like to know how probable it is that he will get it or why they would deny it.

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That same way a fiancé Mastercard works.

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Talk to the immigration office and they can answer your questions with authority, rather than our guesses. It depends on the country of origin, and many other factors.

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Oh @AstroChuck! Grooooooooaaaaaan!

totally made my day! Seems like I haven’t seen your quips so much lately.

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It is a myth that people always get to come to the U.S. when they marry a U.S. citizen. Second, a visa is just permission for someone to approach our boarders… it is not permission to stay here. Once stamped, and depending on the type of visa someone entered the U.S. on, people may get to stay for various lengths of time. No visa is permanent. You really need to be working with an immigration attorney. If you try to work directly with USCIS, you’ll just get customer service reps who are only allowed to read the exact same scripts they have on their website. At any rate, I’d start getting information from an attorney who specializes in immigration, after honestly sharing all information. They’ll need to know about education, criminal history, work history, etc. Just a warning… I have worked with two different women who married foreign nationals. One of them had to wait 20 months after their wedding to finally get to live with her husband. The other is still waiting and hopeful, but things aren’t looking good.

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@juwhite1 I’m already talking to an immigration lawyer I just wanted to get some feed back from people who have done it before. My lawyer doesn’t seem to think it’s that complicated. Yes, I know we’re going to be under investigation for a couple years before he can get his residency, but our relationship is legit and I don’t see why they would deny it. The lawyer I spoke to said if we submit proof of our relationship and he gets approved for his visa, he should be able to come to the US within 3 months of submitting the request for the visa. Once he is here and we get married, we will have to wait a couple of years before he gets his residency. Still, the lawyer said nothing about him having to leave the US during that period. I’m not sure, but maybe it varies depending on the country they’re coming from.

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It varies quite a bit, mainly based on the information on the person. I’m glad you have an atty helping you through this. If the atty is comfortable, I’m sure things will work out for you. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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