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Are Bill Clinton's attacks on Obama bad for the Democrats?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) January 24th, 2008

Bill Clinton’s been pulling a Lee Atwater lately, going into attack mode against Barack Obama like he’s Hillary’s vice presidential candidate. Is this ultimately bad for Democrats’ chances in November?

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I would say yes if you see it as such. However, I do not see this as an attack. If you do Not like Bill Clinton you will see it as an attack and I think Obama would be wise not to bring it down to that level . Right ?

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Ultimately, no. For one thing, whoever the Democratic nominee is will have to withstand ceaseless attacks from the Republican candidate/supporters of the Republican candidate. Going through a little trial by fire now is not a bad thing.

Secondly, we’re still 10 months out from the general election. It’s very unlikely that any storylines from February, March or April will persist through the summer and into the fall.

Thirdly, it is highly likely that the losing Democratic candidate will endorse and then campaign for the winning one. It might be a bit strained, but both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama want to remain as leaders within the party and to do that means sucking it up and helping the one who beat you.

One caveat: if Clinton’s attacks on Obama are seen by many in the African American community as too unfair, it could cut into her support in the general. This could be mitigated somewhat if and when Obama campaigns for her, but it is a possibility.

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Bill Clinton is only concerned with himself. It’s not for the benifit of his wife. It’s out of jealousy and his antics will not positively impact Camp Hillary. It will only cause a negative impact or no impact at all.

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My impression is very negative—and I have been a supporter. But this seems if not bad for the democrats in general—it is certainly not good for Hillary (at least from my point of view).

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Absolutely they are. Especially when those attacks are taken out of context and/or are not factually accurate.

Not only is it bad for the Dems., but I think it is very bad for Hillary. I think people see through those tactics as it being a sign of weakness. I think it will hurt her and her campaign in the long run by continuing to place negative attacks on the opponent. I am a 110% Obama supporter by the way.

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Humm, great points by all. I took look at this question again today and re-read ” is this ultimately bad for the Democrates in chances in November?” Yes I do think it makes the party as a whole look SAD and BAD so n like grow up already sorta way in sick of hearing it way . I thought you were talking about does it make Hillary look bad ? Sorry for getting mixed up but Thanks for the ” Great Question”!!!

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The Washington Post today has a pretty convincing article (free subscription required, sorry) that says the divisiveness between Clinton and Obama is unlikely to hurt the Dems in the general election.

Basically, the authors says that because the 2 candidates are fairly close ideologically, the supporters of either are unlikely to defect to the other side if their candidate drops out. Also, by historical standards, this race has been downright civil.

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