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You see a fight about to begin, do you stay there and watch or go get help.

Asked by Damn_Tony (733points) September 21st, 2009 from iPhone

Today in school two girls were fighting, no weapons but just the usual hair pulling, rolling on the floor, cursing kind of fight.
Should I have had done something other than just standing there?

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Tough call in today’s day and age. My brother broke up a fight recently, very gently too i might add (he’s a gentle giant of sorts). He got sued by one of the guys.

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The popular answer is that you should immediately use your cell phone camera, and post it on YouTube.
In fact, you should use something with a better pixel count.

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I’m the one usually breaking up a fight in this situation. The fight has to stop but getting involved is putting yourself at great risk. You don’t know who’s got a concealed weapon. At the very least, you’re going to get socked once, really hard.

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I think going to get help is the safest way to do something.

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Go-Go Taser gaget :)
zap zap

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I’d stay there and watch. Especially if those two girls were fighting for something stupid.
Should’ve taped it! Damn!

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I would like to think I’d break it up or go for help, but I’d probably just stand there and watch to be honest.

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Yes I regret not recording it. But it was totally worth watching. There was also other guys watching, they didn’t do anything either.

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@Zen: you don’t have to lay a hand on them.

@Damn_Tony: your last response depresses me. though indifference has always disturbed me more outright malice.

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@Ria777 Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

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I read the other day that several students who stood by and watched a boy get beat up are being sued for not going for help, as co-conspirators.

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@Ria777 Ovbiously, you’ve never broken up a really violent fight. Sometimes you do have to lay a hand on them to seperate them.

Remember “The Coward of the County?”

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I would probably just stand there dumbfounded, but as it is, that situation hasn’t come up. I’ve seen plenty of fights, but I was never the only person there. There was usually a crowd within seconds and then authority figures within a few more seconds.

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I would use my cell phone to call for help. When I was younger and used to drink alcohol I would try to break things up, but I am now both sober and wiser. If no one were available to help I might grab the nearest fire extinguisher and let them have it. That is usually enough to stop it.

Funny, my daughter came home from school today and commented that she had seen a fight at school in the cafeteria. Apparently a boy spit on a girl, she spit back, so he socked her and she slapped him back. The football team stopped it from going further, by which time the school cops arrived and arrested them both.

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I was the “help-getter” in high school. I suspect I’d be one now. I dislike seeing people hit each other.

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I guess it depends.

If there is a clear victim, getting help is the only way to go.
If it’s two people who are hot headed and both encouraging a fair fight, I’d let it go probably. But I wouldn’t watch. I don’t see the entertainment value in that.

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It depends on whether I was to be one of the participants. If so, I would definitely go for help.

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“Today in school two girls were fighting”


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