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Do you think that USA's secrets agencies really hide answers to humanity's secrets?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) September 22nd, 2009

Did we go to Moon?,what happened with Hitler?war secrets,dangerous technologies(Tesla papers etc),alien contact etc.Do you think that all these and more are hide by secret agencies “to keep us safe”?

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Most of them seem to be immature in attitude, irresponsible and thoughtless and as such they are probably run by teenagers, and so what they hide best is more than likely the usual teenage cover-up requirements, acne, skin blemishes, and in this day and age, paunches.

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Some of these answers aren’t hidden, my friend. Yes, we went to the moon, yes there was a Holocaust, etc. And I have no doubt that there is “classified” information that is classified for reasons, such as weapons in development, but I don’t see that as being “humanity’s secret,” that’s just government business. As for the secrets to “humanity,” well, it sounds like you may have been reading too many conspiracy theories. ;)

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On this conspiracy theory scale, I think it is extremely unlikely. The evidence for holocaust and Moon landings specifically are so vast that faking them would not be cost-effective at all.

There will absolutely be classified information held by governments at any time. But I think most of that is much more boring than we’d like to believe.

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My general rule of thumb is that most conspiracy theories are a crock of shit. Maybe one could call it “Occam’s Crock of Shit.”

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No. If they had them, they would be too incompetent to hold on to them.

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I would just like to point out that people seem to be confusing the question “What happened with Hitler?” with “Was there really a holocaust?” Two completely different things. There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding Hitler’s death (or proposed lack there of), spawned by paranoia, a lack of consensus and fanciful thinking. I remember one of my high school history teachers telling our class how one of his college professors believed the body the Soviets found was three inches shorter than Hitler was reported to be, and thus likely to be a body double (I would also like to point out that my teacher did not teach this as fact, he was merely illustrating a point; Hitler and his Third Reich continue to repulse and fascinate years after their destruction).

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Hugh Trevor-Roper, at the time a British Intelligence agent, wrote the definitive history of Hitler’s last days just after the war. The book is still in print, and has never been successfully attacked – in fact, is considered to be a masterpiece of historical non fiction.

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Everyone loves a conspiracy.

We breath, we eat, we die.

Life is too boring on it own merits. (for some)

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@pdworkin – I just want to stress that I do not follow and/or believe in Hitler conspiracies, I was just making the point that they exist and that the question being asked was different than what people were assuming was being asked.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter how research is done and how many solid facts can be produced, there will still be people willing to bend, stretch, and generally beat those facts into a pliable pulp to fit what they think happened.

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Keep thinking that the NSA and CIA are run by teenagers and don’t have any secret information, everyone. How do you know what they have and don’t have?

We’re speculating as to whether or not secret organizations in fact hold secrets from the American public…kind of pointless unless you happen to have high security clearance in those organizations, right?

But just to be sure, I am not in any way, shape, or form a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think the US government can prove or disprove Bigfoot or UFO’s. Conspiracy theories and theorists make me laugh.
However, I am saying there’s no telling how much classified information they have access to.

It’s probably a good thing the American public thinks the CIA and NSA are completely incompetent and have no privileged information in their archives.

Who knows what they know?

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@Christian95 It’s been 7 hours since you posted this question. Have the effects worn off? Are you feeling a little better now? Drink something, you look a little pale.

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Not only do the secret agencies hold the answers to humanity’s secrets, but they also hold the answers to life’s secrets! I’ve always thought it strange that people weren’t battering down the doors of the CIA to find out what the meaning of life is. Must not be that important, I guess. ;-)

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Sounds like Dan Brown’s next novel to me.

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How much does anyone actually know?
I had a bit of suppossed wisdom come to me one day “everything’s real” wow I thought it was so profound. Well, still waiting for my unicorn.

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Peanut butter

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@Val123 Your user name is duly noted.

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@CIA Um, my user name is not “duly noted”! It’s Val123 :)

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No, I really don’t think the secret agencies hide humanity’s secrets but I think they do hide alot of their own dirty laundry. The FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and other government agencies have broken laws in the past, violated their charters, and committed acts that weren’t in the best interests of citizens not only in America but in other parts of the world too. It’s not too hard to find many books and documentaries detailing these events.

As a person who has worked for and served my country for over 20 years now in the military, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m rather distrusting toward a large part of the American government and many of the agencies that are part of its bureaucracry are not nearly as respectable and altruistic as they would like you to believe.

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@MrMeltedCrayon – not confusing the two, just naming a similar prize drawn from “Occam’s crock of shit.” (I lurve that phrase.)

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Conspiracy theories often make too much sense to be possible.

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Do you think that popular conspiracy theories really offer answers to humanity’s secrets?

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No doubt that there is something much deeper than our society likes to admit to itself. Look up the Phantom DNA effect. It will blow your mind. Pythagoras had knowledge well beyond his years. He founded what we call mathematics to a certain degree and the mathematical equations of music. I am just now turning myself on to ancient knowledge. Think of the Ancient Mayans. They, thousands of years ago, knew, in great detail, the workings of planetary bodies in the universe. They knew of Pluto before modern people “discovered” it. They knew of another planet, Nibiru, that travels in an odd orbit, unlike the other planets. At precise intervals every few thousand years, Nibiru passes by Earth causing great disturbances, In fact, Nibiru may even explain the great flood from the Bible. That flood was also recorded in dozens of other ancient societies that could not have possibly been talking with each other at that time. Guess when its gonna pass again? 2012! It isn’t all that hard to think about. If our Moons gravitational field is the force responsible for the changing of our tides, then why would it be outside of the scope of reason to think that a planetary body 4 to 5 times larger than Earth itself couldn’t cause the same kind of effect.

Conspiracy is when 2 or more persons are engaging in illegal activities in secret. Why does everyone laugh when the word conspiracy comes up? Because we are trained to think that way. Looking at the true definition of conspiracy, and not the force-fed media interpretation, you can see that conspiracy is a very real and plausible element of society.

Once film you should not miss is Esoteric Agenda. I’m not saying that it contains undeniable truths, but it does contain questions that we should all be asking in order to find the ultimate truth. Here is a link to the film.

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And here I was, thinkin’ that the Flood story was explained because people did talk to each other, telling stories and adopting stories into their own culture – hence the flood from the Gilgamesh epic (not unlikely in a flood-prone area) spread to their neighbors the Hebrews, who adopted it as their very own.

“Conspiracy” is not just the act of talking in secret, it’s also the talking that’s done – noun as well as verb. As such, it covers the idea that the People Who Are Really In Control (whoever they are) are conspiring to keep something a secret from us. Please remember, however, that it takes an awful lot of secrecy to keep something a secret from so many for so long. That alone makes most of these more likely to be a crock than to be fact.

The Ancients had a lot of wisdom. But that doesn’t mean wacky things are true. It is good and proper to question everything! But one must also pay attention to the answers one receives – and not treat the question itself as the answer.

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I know this doesn’t fit in with a lot of the humorous answers that you’ve already received, but I think that most legends contain at least a grain of truth. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I highly suspect (with plenty of good reason) that our government knows much more about UFOs and the beings that control them than they will admit to. The reason? Their existence proves that they, the government, can’t protect us from an enemy that is far more advanced than us. Having personally seen such a craft in the presence of more than a dozen other eyewitnesses, I can say for a fact that ‘something’ is indeed out there. A UFO is an ‘unidentified flying object’. That doesn’t mean or prove that these objects are extraterrestrial in nature, just that they are unidentified.

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