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Which is better: quakers or conures?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) September 22nd, 2009

Anyone who has had both birds please tell me your opinion.

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Quakers are conures.

Conures are a diverse, loosely-defined group of small to medium-sized parrots

They are all incredibly loud – that’s the most important thing that you need to know about them.

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All Conures are loud, and Quakers are Conures, therefore, Quakers are loud. Loud as hell.

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I had some lovebirds, a parakeet (quaker), and some finches in my lifetime. The finches were cute and quiet. They are a bird that needs company so should be bought in pairs at least. However they are not very “intelligent” as far a bird species are concerned. I do not believe they are a conure.

Both lovebirds and parakeets are considered small-medium parrots so I believe they are conures. They are fun birds, you can hold them if trained right (which requires time and patience), and they are pretty smart. However they make awful sounds. If you are like me you think that you could get used to these sounds but let me tell you it is really quite difficult.

Which did I enjoy more of the conures? The lovebird or the parakeet? In all honesty I would say they were really similar birds, probably because they come from the same family. I would say either is a good bet. However parakeets have a dander that comes off of them that is a bit stinky and can be bothersome if you have allergies. On the flip side, the lovebirds squawk is a bit more bothersome than the parakeets.

Also please consider that if you have a dog or cat they may try to “get” your bird.
Having said that I really enjoy birds as pets, you just have to find the right “fit”.

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They are great birds, but don’t make easy first bird owner pets. They are very loud! If you are a first time bird owner, I would recommend a budgerigar or a little parakeet. They are a bit easier to deal with, not as high maintenance as a conures. Best of luck to you!

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Yay! @RedPowerLady is back!
I really want a pair of finches. I don’t think my two cats would tolerate that well. :(

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I had a Sun conure (Mango) and I have an African Grey Parrot! All Mango did was Sqreech(sp) SO loud it was absolutely awful and Messy Messy Messy, I gave her to my brother about 8 yrs ago. On the other hand my Kaden my grey, well he’s awesome!! I’ve had him for almost 10 years he has about a 500 hundred word volcabulary. He’ll even read tell you your Mitanda Rights! WTF or rather @whatthefluther and Kaden have great conversations! So, if you’re in the market for a companion because that is what they will become, my advice is to purchase one that can or will speak. Grey’s are known to be the the smartest or most intelligent bird in the avian world. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fly off on a tangent. I think I’ll just be quiet now.

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@RedPowerLady While conures are typically small to medium sized birds, not all small to medium sized birds are conures. The word ‘conure” literally means ‘long tail’ and applies to many, many species. The mostly commonly seen in the pet trade are:

Blue crowned
Green cheeked
Cherry head

This site has a comprehensive listing of conure species.

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@syz Hey I just looked it up online (too see which were conures) but I must have got a bad website. Anyhow I hope it’s still useful information that I gave even if they aren’t conures, lol.

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sccrowell, i would really like to have a grey. but they are just so expensive

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