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Ever heard of KGB?

Asked by mramsey (794points) September 22nd, 2009

What’s your thoughts on KGB? Do you use it?

Personally, I don’t know why you would pay to get a question answered when you could easily look it up yourself. I am assuming if someone text savvy, they are probably internet savvy too.

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Yeah, I imagine the people who work there just browse Google and Wikipedia anyways.

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I only hear about it from the 50 commercials a day.

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I worked for KGB for a bit. Waste of time.

the questions asked are of very very low intelligence. Also you have to answer EVERY question. “why do redheads have really smelly vaginas?” Thats when i decided to quit lol

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I use ChaCha all the time, but I wouldn’t ever pay for the service.

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@mramsey yea, and i HAD to answer and SITE SOURCES. wtf is that shit. Couldnt just answer with “shut up troll”

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@uberbatman So you were assigned certain questions? They weren’t just up for grabs for whoever got to them first? What happens if you give a wrong answer?

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@mramsey actually it was first come first serve, which sucked because there were always so many people on, questions would go fast, so you were just clicking till one stuck. If you gave a wrong answer you got in trouble, also why you always had to cite sources (just noticed i spelled that wrong above) If you gave the wrong answer, they dont get charged and they get a free question. KGB gave you a pretty good search engine majiggy that was pretty capable of finding most answers with a few clicks and it also indexed old questions as things tended to get recycled a lot. If you couldn’t find the answer in 6 min or something, they got the text for free and if it was 10 they got it free and another free question i believe. You could say you cant find the answer and push it back to selection, but there was a penalty for that.

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@uberbatman ohhh i c. thanks for the info!

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Wait by KGB do you mean the Russian equivalent of the CIA?

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