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How many of you eat left over cold pizza for breakfast?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) January 24th, 2008

cold pizza better the next morning

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I love cold pizza almost as much as warm, and it does indeed make a fabulous breakfast.

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I never had it for breakfast but cold pizza is amazing. If I ever went somewhere to get a slice, I’d get two for three and take one home an put it in the fridge for later.

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I only like dominos cold pizza.. I’m weird though

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Cold pizza is better than warm pizza, and if restaurants served cold pizza as a breakfast food, they would make lots of dough.

Or, they would need lots of dough. For the pizza.

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Love it! It’s been a while. Thanks for reminding me. I may have to buy a pie, just for this purpose…

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Yep,since 1963;although I do heat it up somewhat.

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Cold pizza ftw. Way better than warm pizza.

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i definitely eat leftover pizza for breakfast (yum yum yum)—- and pizza can be just as good or better the next morning——but i definitely wouldn’t go so far as to say that all COLD pizza is better than WARM pizza!!!

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I hate this thread it makes me want pizza. Not this west coast cali stuff. The good east coast South Jersey kind.

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Yum yum, cold pizza for breakfast. The best I ever had was left-over deep dish pizza one early morning on a camping trip when I was a camp counselor. Even though the sprinklers had given us a nice soaking at 3 am the night before, and I’d spend the rest of the day herding excitable 6 year-olds, the pizza got me off to a good start!

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Lunch the next day…
Not breakfast…Breakfast is beer and Frosty Flakes…
Ha, just kidding…

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i do. i take it for lunch the day after and even if there is a microwave around, i usually dont heat it.

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