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Who's buying into global warming?

Asked by vanguardian (845points) January 24th, 2008 from iPhone

There are studies that suggest it to be true and others that say its not. Is Al Gore (who is the definition of a double standard) being 100% truthful. Are the studies suggesting that there are no real facts lying? What’s your take? What are your facts?

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We were just talk about that here….

I think. Whether or not it’s true or false, if it’s because of people or natural, there is no reason to not try and use less fossil fuels and try to make the earth better.

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I have also heard that other planets in our solar system are experiencing similar warming trends. This is, of course, secondary research.

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I agree with simone. Even if there is no such thing as global warming we should still make an effort to make the world better and pollute less. Think of it this way. Whats the worse thing that can happen if we prepare for global warming and its not real. A better world to live in?

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@vanguardian, Do you know of any facts presented in An Inconvenient Truth that are false (or—more to the point—were known to be false at the time)? I believe that human activity has an adverse effect on the environment, including polluting the air in a way that is making things a little warmer.

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The only way to find out what’s really going on is to capture Manbearpig, and beat the answers out of him.

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I certainly hope it’s real, because I recently sold all of my beach-front property in Florida to invest in some real estate in upper Saskatchewan.

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Al Gore has simply recently seized some popular attention with a movie, which is wonderful, but he didn’t create the idea of global warming any more than he created the Internet. Warnings about CO2 increases in the atmosphere are about 50 years old (see article below), and climate change has been a serious concern of scientists which has been compellingly explained in schools and media for decades.

If you are actually interested in facts (as opposed to the latest politics or popular consciousness of science), read up about science and scientists. An easy way to start is to move from movie theatres and US entertainment/“news” media to at least, say, European “news” media. See for example this article on Charles David Keeling’s observations since 1957 on the BBC News web site:

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Yes I do think that global warming is not only true but a problem. Look at the weather.. I’m from CT and our winters are getting warmer and shorter our summers are to hot. And the Cali fires, oil, the war, they are not helping!!

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Global warming is definitely happening and we’re seeing the effects with more frequent droughts, floods, hurricanes… check out

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