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Do you get "shiny" or "iridescent" armpits on your dark dress shirts?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) September 23rd, 2009

Weird question, I know, but this problem has followed me through several different deodorants, and was wondering if anyone knew what causes it and/or how to get rid of it (stain remover?).

Also, why is it not on my tshirts?

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How odd. I have never seen that happen. Perhaps it is some component of your sweat that interacts with the dark dye? Apparently others have that problem though.

All I have run across is yellow stains on white shirts. These generally come out by use of something like Shout.

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Does your deodorant have aluminum in it?

My best guess would be these stains are either from the aluminum or the parabens (waxes) mixed with your body’s chemicals causing this reaction on your shirt.

There are lots of removal tips here

As for ending it, I’d go green in the pit area and go with Tom’s of Maine or another “natural” option like corn starch.

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What material are your dress shirt made of, BTW? Rayon? A synthetic fiber is more likely to “react” with your deodorant.

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this deoderant is great and is safe for your body. I use it myself.

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It definitely sounds like it’s your deodorant. The shininess probably comes from a waxy build-up that isn’t being removed when you wash the shirts. Dress shirts tend to be made of fabric that isn’t as porous as cotton t-shirts, too. So while the t-shirts have the ability to absorb, your dress shirts don’t. Also, you generally have to wash dress shirts on a gentler, cooler setting than you would wash t-shirts, which is why it might not be coming off.

You can try rubbing the stains out with vinegar and then washing the shirts in the hottest water that the shirts allow.

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@Facade ; your link didi’t seem to work.

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@SpatzieLover, in answer to your first question: yes, I’m still using commercially-produced aluminum-containing deodorant. Unfortunately “stinky” runs in the family, and a lot of more natural things don’t work for me. (“Sweaty” also runs in the family…and down my sides…)
In answer to the second question, this happens on both mostly cotton (with a tiny bit of spandex for stretch) and on man-made fiber shirts.

@DrasticDreamer, I’ll try the vinegar thing. (vinegar has so many great uses!)

@Facade, pardon my impertinence, but are you a sweaty/stinky person normally? If so, does the Crystal work for you anyway?

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@evegrimm ever since I can remember, I never had any type of body odor. I would play my sports and never smell… until I turned 18 lol. Now, it’s pretty bad. I think it’s my hormones So that deodorant doesn’t work as well on me as it does others. But I think it’s worth a try. I sent an email to their HR about the roll-on not working for me and they sent me another type for free. Maybe you can write in and ask for a sample to see how you like it.

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@evegrimm I, too, am a stink-pot ;) I sweat due to workouts and am a garlic eater

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I borrowed my mom’s crystal deodorant (same brand) a couple times when I was in high school, and I might as well have just not bothered both times. Didn’t work at all for me.

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I find the crystal deodorant works fine for me, but the various “smellified” deodorants make me smell as if I have used a deodorant.

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I only use a spray. Deodorant sticks make me feel sticky

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