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What do you think of "man laws"?

Asked by Facade (22902points) September 23rd, 2009

If you are unsure about what they are, here is a an explanation.
If you’re a guy, do you actually abide by these “laws”?
Do you find them distasteful in any way?
Have any favorites?

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Fruit in your beer, meat in your rear

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lol, wow

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Im not cool with being called princess….

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I agree with the ones where you don’t waste beer.

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@eponymoushipster I was just about to ask if it was in yet

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@Facade that’s what she said. but not to me

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They seem more geared towards heterosexual men, so I probably won’t be following them too often…

I do find them funny sometimes, though.

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Well, the man laws in the article are all from that beer advertising campaign. You’re not really going to get any representative of what most men believe to be right.
They’re for an advertising campaign, they are designed to be comical first, and appropriate next.

“Don’t date the ex-girlfriend of one of your close friends” is a reasonable man law.
“Don’t date her, unless she’s super hot” is a comical man law.

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friend of mine is breaking that one right now. And no, she isnt super hot, shes a skank.

Im tempted to break his nose when he comes up friday…

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There is absolutely no talking in the men’s room.

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I didn’t read it but if this one isn’t on there, it’s a major problem.

If there is an odd amount of urinals, never, and I repeat never choose the middle one.

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They’re funny and not to be taken seriously.

If they ARE meant to be taken seriously – I’ll live my life however the hell I want, regardless of my gender.

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Perhaps you should click the link that I posted directly above your post.

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As far as the whole urinal discussion goes, this is why they need to use those little fucking divider walls more often.

Anyone ever go to a public restroom and just see a troth? Talk about fucking awkward, bunch of guys just standing around pissin in a bathtub across from each other. Thats when I opt for stall usage

great link ivan. I love all the math involved lol.

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When there are seven urinals (and i would be man nr.4) i go stand next to nr.2 and wait with peeing (it wouldn’t need effort, i just can’t pee when close to someone else) untill he gets lost.

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They really shouldn’t be discussed as an academic exercise. Unless you’re 20, that’s weird and dumb. This is just stuff one should know from observation, experience and abject ridicule when appropriate.

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‘make a commercial and you are off the artistic role call forever’

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are you saying that no thought goes into making commercials?

I implore you, make a product and have a successful run selling said product without catchy advertising….

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Those are mild in comparison to the man rules I have…....

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I am a guy who hates the Man’s Channel or whatever it’s called, and The Man Show, and Maxim magazine, and all that boring crap.

But those beer commercials are harmless and sometimes funny. At least the ones I saw. I’ve only seen 3 of them though, on youtube.

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I think they’re dumb. But I think most beer commercials are dumb.

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I agree with @Kraigmo, they’re funny. There are a lot of funny beer commercials. I hate them as adverts, as they don’t really advertise their product, but I love them as a funny 30-second break from boring commercials.
My favorite radio commercials are Real Men of Genius.

(I say this as a non-drinker, and as a guy who doesn’t take part in MANY of the “manly” things)

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Man low is so much more than just those commercials….

such as

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@Sarcasm I love the real men of genius things! I mostly hear them on the radio though.

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theyre really a radio only commercial….

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One does not leave a game before it’s over to beat traffic. When watching football one must always root for a team. If down by 1 do you go for the win or the tie? A man always goes for the win.

This is sacred law. Also.. as @The_Compassionate_Heretic said, no talking in the men’s room… EVAR.

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the rule of 3 always applies

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so does proper spacing…. with the ONLY exception being at sporting events…

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