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MacBook Air: if you own one, do you like it?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) September 23rd, 2009

I’m thinking about buying a Macbook Air. I’ve never owned a Mac, but I want a super light laptop. Should I buy it? Do you like yours?

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Like all of my Apple/Mac products, of course I love it. Not as much as the MacBook Pro, though

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I don’t have it but many people have told me that the only benefit to the Macbook Air compared to other Mac computers is how thin it is. Nothing else. You can save lots of money and get a faster, much better overall Macbook instead. I recommend not getting it even more since this is your first Mac.

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It doesn’t have enough ram, you can’t do too many things on it at once. It is great as a satalite computer, very portable, and works great (mac), but I would prefer a MacBook, they don’t weigh that much more.

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TC – which “much better overall Macbook instead” would you recommend?

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A Macbook pro, if you’re an artist like me

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Is it true you can’t take the battery out of the Macbook Air? How about the gen2 Macbook Pro?

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The new 13” aluminum body MacBookPro is a gorgeous piece of equipment. I have a MacBook and I can’t wait to move up!

I think the Air is sort of an expensive gadget.

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I really like my MBP, I got an extra battery, but heat is a Serious problem. Comfortwise. I am chairbound and the chairside table puts it too far away. and the arm it’s tippy. But I wouldn’t trade it for any other laptop right now. And being married, I dont need my loins anymore.

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I dont own one but my friend says that they’re slow and sluggish. I cant see why though because they have 2 gigs of ram and and an okay processor. I did try a display one at the store and it seemed fine. Just dont open google earth.

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@dianalauren If you just browse the web, listen music, us iLife, you know the basic stuff a MacBook should be fine. If you do more advanced or creative stuff (photoshop, final cut..) a MacBook Pro would be great if you have the extra cash.

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Doesn’t it only have one USB port? Thats what turns me off of it.

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My iBook G4 is pretty much exclusively used for reading digital comics. It only weighs 6 pounds, but I’d love to have a 1.5 pound laptop to read on instead.

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My only real beef is that it won’t play hulu properly, but other than that it’s the best little computer buddy I could ask for. The only reason I have it is because it’s so light, and I have to carry my laptop everywhere and I walk a lot. The 1.4 lb. difference from the Macbook is pretty noticeable.

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Mama is jonesing on a netbook, and Mr. Clause has taken nothe of that.

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MacBook Air – not worth the price. Go for the MacBook Pro.

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I got my MB Air about 8 weeks ago and I can’t stop touching it :-) it is probably the best thing I have ever bought!

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I have one customer that has been using his for the better part of 6 months, using it a TON. He killed the battery already, only getting half the charge. If you want to do some serious travel, I’d go with a regular Mac Book for robustness. Butif you want light and fun, there’s nothig better than an Air. Just be aware that it won’t last forever.

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