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Who guards a Lifeguard's life when a Lifeguard's life needs guarding?

Asked by ESV (468points) September 24th, 2009 from iPhone

Ever thought about this? If (s)he’s out saving someone else, who’s there to save them should they need saving? Hmm?

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Depending on the situation, there is usually more than one Lifeguard.

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Another lifeguard, repeat 6 billion times and 1 guy/girl runs out of luck.

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Well, it’s not only lifeguards that can save people. People can save people too. It’s just that for them it’s a job. But if a lifeguard is in the water, it’s to help someone, and they are usually more than one.

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Larry the Lobster. In case you didn’t see that episode where Spongebob decided to play lifeguard.

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The other lifeguards , or someone random near by

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People have thought about this at least since Juvenal who asked, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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who delivers the mailmans mail? Does he deliver his own mail, or does another mailman do it? But who would deliver his mail? Is there a neverending chain of mailmen?
-Jerry Sienfeld

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@XOIIO Does the mailman’s dog bite him?

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@YARNLADY good question

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I am a lifeguard. You are trained to escape a hold (if the victim grabs onto you and tries to drag you down) and then try again when they are more tired. If worst comes to worst, another lifeguard(s) comes to help you out.

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