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What are capers?

Asked by scienceNYC (78points) January 25th, 2008

Are they seeds or vegetables? Where do capers come from?

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Now that would be a typical Wikipedia thing, if I may suggest so:
The buds of a shrub, therefore.

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beat me to it.

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I saw one yesterday; he was four years old; his cape was red satin and lined w. silver sequins. On the back was large gold fleur-de-lis. He was crying and wanted a Mars bar. Apparently the pre-school play had been too much. (His mom bought an apple.)

Capers are delicious in potato salad; boiled, unpeeled cubed new potatoes, raspberry vinaigrette, a few fresh or frozen raspberries and some capers and dill.

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Wow. My taste buds are unable to process the thought of raspberries, capers and dill in combination.

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Bag the dill. The rest is simple and delicious.

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Gail, you should add that to my favorite fluther posting, uncommon delicious food combinations

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@occ; done.

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White sea bass with Capers, I used to order at this Italian Restaurant in La Mesa CA until it changed owners. Man it was delicious.

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