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Are Ford cars the best American cars?

Asked by doggywuv (1041points) September 24th, 2009

I hear that they are, do they really excel in terms of design, reliability, and features?

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They are good cars. Costly and a pain to repair.

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They’re fine until something breaks. Then the Ford jokes come into play. The only ford I want is an old school ‘69 truck or a GT40, any other Ford isn’t worth looking at. Of course I’m not a ford person & that’s just my opinion.

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the european models maybe.

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A GT40 my dream car!

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@ragingloli I’ve lived both in Europe and North America and I prefer American models’ designs to European models’ designs. For example I like the American Honda Accord but find the European Honda Accord ugly; I like the American Ford Fusion more than the European Ford Fusion.

I don’t know about how other characteristics compare though.

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I have to say they are among the best American cars. Quality among the big three or four has come up so far that it is almost impossible to say one is any better or worse than another. Many use the same suppliers for their parts, and designs are converging on about the same look. I can almost not tell a Ford from a Chevrolet by other than a placard. Thats probably an aerodynamic issue. Sorry I wasted your time to read this whole mess, but I am come to believe it doesn’t matter anymore.

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I think Toyotas are the best American-made cars. Mine was made in Kentucky.

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@cwilbur By “American” I mean not cars made in America but cars made by an American company. Sorry for the confusion.

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What is the difference between a Ford Fusion in the US and the EU?

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@oratio They are two different models made by Ford, but with the same name. This is the American one and this is the European one.

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Question’s a little broad:

Do you mean American built cars from an American car company?

Do you mean American built cars from a foriegn car company?

Do you mean foriegn built cars from an American car comapny?

I’d have different answers depending.

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The American Fusion in your picture looks more like the one they call the Focus in Europe. The Fusion in Europe is just a bigger bodied Fiesta.

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When I was a young, I was a confirmed GM man. That was before the oil embargo. All of the Traditional organic American Companies, GM, Ford,Chrysler,AMC. Put out about 6 years of cars that were pure poo. The Mustang II. Pinto, Vega, Gremlin I could go a while naming off the terrible cars that the late ‘70’s put out.

Today, AMC is gone, divisions of Chrysler and GM are gone. Many foreign (non-organic US) companies have significant input into the design and implementation of new cars we see today. Tolerances are super close, quality is good everywhere. Styling among all the big guys has ‘homogenized’ thanks to wind tunnel technology. So all small cars look like ticks and fleas, a little bigger look like Civics, and so forth.

So to complete this complete waste of your time, I don’t really think it matters anymore.
oops I already answered this one. brain fart

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There’s an ugly trend out there:

Based on the hardware available there’s an attitude that American drivers don’t deserve or don’t care about the best models available. Since you mentioned Ford:

I’d order at least one of these in a heartbeat. a fully realised, no bullshit, hot hatch. A Godshonest streetable rally car made by an American manufacturer.

But the States don’t get it. As usual we get fucking decaf.

Is there one good reason I shouldn’t enjoy the turbocharged 5 cylinder powerplant than makes nearly 300hp? Those incredible correct seats with their enormous bolsters? The bespoke innovation known as the RevoKnuckle that obliterates tourque steer? The Qualife limited slip differential? The low slung slippery body that doesn’t have a single detail that doesn’t perform some function?

The wizards that developed the new Focus RS get it. They understand what makes a car rewarding to drive but we yanks can’t have it?

Don’t even get me started on the Honda Civic Type R another balanced and dynamic masterpiece they won’t let us own.


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No, they aren’t.

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FORD = Fixed Or Repaired Daily

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv Yea, the US always gets fucked out of the new cars. Remember when they released that silly looking Impala that all the cops were using for a long time? Well, in the middle east they had a V8 rear wheel drive version of it. That focus you posted looks bad ass. I would’ve added that to the list of decent Ford vehicles I listed, but since we yanks don’t get them I didn’t even know about it. I would love to be able to have a Skyline GT-R32 and was really disappointed when Nissan released that crappy one that looked like a G35 that said nissan on it. Although the new GT-R looks pretty pimp. I just wonder how it preforms.

Another is my year Volkswagen. A ‘96 Golf in the US is completely different to the euro model. For instance the euro model has a 16v head that can stand close with the VR6 in power and that’s naturally aspirated. The US model? Well, It’s nick name on VW Vortex is the “2.sl0w”. Great engine European wise. The only difference is the head, well and the timing and little things to adjust to the different size head.

Sorry, I’m way off topic. I’m just upset that the US gets shafted on the good cars I like.

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So it is true…
American car styling isn’t just a mistake and some people actually like it?
leaves me wondering in despair. ;-)

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@Axemusica: Agreed, hey Nissan! explain why we Americans are’t good enough for your Skylines, a car you’ve enjoyed in Japan for decades. Why won’t you even let us have the Sylvia.

Volkswagen: send us the new Scirocco or I’m gonna start torching dealerships.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv the Scirocco looks very fun and I almost bought a 240sx just to do the Syliva conversion, lol.

@ragingloli lol, that thing looks like it’s before it’s time. Seriously, it reminds me of something out of demolition man or minority report.

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that is what happens when a car company is lead by engineers instead of businessmen

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