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How much does a professionally administered adult IQ test (ie. by a psychologist) cost?

Asked by martini1179 (35points) September 24th, 2009

I’m an adult looking to have my IQ professionally measured via an IQ test administered by a licensed psychometrician/psychologist. How much would this cost? I’m interested in how much you paid when you TOOK such a test, and not how much you’ve HEARD it costs from some other source.

I’ve Googled this and it seems as if no local psychologist will put it on their web page. I decided against emailing a few psychologists because I have a feeling they would artificially inflate their prices in this economy.


1) ...tell me that IQ isn’t intelligence. This is off-topic and the correlation between high IQ and high intelligence is strong.

2) ...suggest I take a scholastic test instead. I’m specifically looking for an IQ test.

3) ...tell me to take an online IQ test instead. Again, this is off-topic.

Thanks in advance.

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Two ways you can go—university psychiatric services usually has a testing program, and you can get it done on a sliding fee scale, or you could look for a psychologist who works with adults with ADD/ADHD. IQ testing is part of testing for that.

I paid about $350.

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That’s going to vary depending on where you live and what insurance you have. I am on Kaiser Permenete, and all I would need is a small co-pay and a referral from my primary physician.

The going rate for private practice here is around $200 per visit, and there would probably be an additional fee for the documentation of the results.

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Oh, I should mention that I’m the 1/6th of America that doesn’t have sick care insurance. PandoraBoxx, is the $350 with or without sick care footing part of the bill?

I didn’t know that sick care would actually pay for an IQ test. Interesting…

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You may be able to get a better deal pricewise by using a psychometric institution rather than an individual psychologist

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An IQ test is sick care???

Mensa tests for $40.

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@martini1179, without. My plan does not pay for testing, or for ADD/ADHD diagnosis.

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I would look at a University or College with a good psychology program for a test. The costs will be much better, and you will most likely get a better experience from it. Psychologists do tend to inflate the cost of such tests simply because they can.

Also, depending on the test (if you have a specific one in mind, not just a general IQ test) you can go to their website and find people in your area who are certified/licensed/trained to give and score and review the results with you. (I happen to be one of these people)

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Are you thinking about the WAIS? That’s probably the most commonly administered one.

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@Jeruba It doesn’t look like Mensa gives you any data (IQ number), just whether you pass or not. Is that correct?

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The Mensa is not a standard psychometric, which is what I believe the OP needs.

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@PandoraBoxx Was the price for that a standalone thing, or did you get that price because you did some other additional testing?

@Jeruba Reread my first comment; reread my question.

@augustlan Mensa doesn’t conduct proper IQ tests. They have their own proprietary tests and deal in percentile rank instead of IQ.

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@pdworkin I’m not thinking about any test in particular. ATM I’m just comparing tests, prices, etc. Could you point me to a psychometric institution or association? I can’t find much, and whatever organizations I find are outside of the U.S.

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APA Amercian Psychological Association has an 800 # they should be able to tell you who charges for what and where and they would only deal with peer reviewed testing and certified personell. A complete Neuropsyc eval can cost from 1500 to 4000 dollars it pays to ask a round and get a cash price specifically. Some universities are building up a database of cognitive function/ability so it would not hurt to try as then you could get free results and possibly an FMRI of the brain. If you are using it for legal purposes it needs to be an aproved test from an approved source

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Actual costs I have paid 1200 cash 4000 through insurance. Psychologists are not created equal so it is best to check with Drs/patients/students to see how well respected their work is

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