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Good, creative solutions for displaying old newspapers?

Asked by figbash (7468points) January 25th, 2008

I have a bunch of old newpapers, brochures and pamphlets from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I’d like to display them somehow, but if I frame them and put them up on a wall, you can’t flip through them. Has anyone seen real creative ways to do this?

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IMO exposure to air, changes in humidity, sunlight, mold, insects, and oils from human hands will all have negative effects on the papers. The inks used in that era are also susceptible to degredation through such exposure. If you are not concerned about this then it’s a non-issue. If the papers don’t have any other significance outside of their age and general interest then it probably won’t matter to you.

Perhaps consulting an antiques appraiser or other antiquities collectors may shed some light on the subject. I would think that some types of lamination processes may be able to in effect ‘freeze dry’ your articles, but if you intend on trading or otherwise selling them in the future it may be worth getting a professional opinion.

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You could also ask your local librarian about the value of those items.

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Creative way to display – use dool rods and hang them over. These rods can be picked up at craft stores cheap $1.00
Have alot of sizes so that might work. You can use wood clothes line hooks to.

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If you’re not concerned about them degrading like sndfrQ said, you could sandwich them between glass or plexiglas in a room divider. Or maybe a particular one could be made into a lid of a box?

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