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Is there a special term for the rain with tiny raindrops?

Asked by alex2 (76points) September 24th, 2009

This type of rain has small raindrops that are slow to fall, doesn’t last long, and sometimes is accompanied with a rainbow.

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Drizzle – Meteorology. precipitation consisting of numerous, minute droplets of water less than 1/50 in. (0.5 mm) in diameter.

Mist – to rain in very fine drops; drizzle (usually used impersonally with it as subject): It was misting when they went out for lunch.

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I vote for mist.

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There are three types of drizzle, as I found out: light, medium and heavy. I was referring to the light drizzle

Looks like the mist is more of a fog with better visibility

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It’s sprinkling!

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I never knew “drizzle” was a technical term. I thought it was just something colloquial.

Learn something new every day.

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@alex2 Glad you found your answer. Welcome to Fluther!

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Anothe term for what you described in the details is a shower, i.e. “showers ar likely through the morning.”

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