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"Green" CEOs?

Asked by occ (4176points) January 25th, 2008

Anyone know of a CEO who took some sort of outdoor vacation/adventure which changed their perspective and made them come back and green their company? I’m also trying to remember the name of the CEO who was featured in the film The Corporation who ran a carpet company and had a green epiphany and then tried to make his company sustainable. I can’t remember the name of either the CEO or the company. I think the company name might have had “inter-” or “intra-” as part of it?

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The CEO you’re thinking of is Ray Anderson from the Interface carpet & fabric company.

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Yup, Ray Anderson is the guy. The “epiphany” he had involved his grandchildren and how he realized that by not creating sustainable products (carpeting is incredibly unsustainable), he is creating a hazardous world for his grandchildren to grow up in.

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