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What name can I use in place of "American" for the nationality of a person from the United States of America?

Asked by Pietro (65points) December 17th, 2006
As the word "American" primarily refers to someone from the United States and not generally to all people of the Americas, it denies non-"Americans" the use of that word. It also leaves us in the United States with a vague label. I like the Spanish word "estadounidense" (a poor translation could be United Statesian) - yes, there are still other countries like the United States of Mexico, but they use the term "Mexican". Can anyone think of a better word that could be put to use? Maybe even just for fun.
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I often use "north american"...or sometimes I'll use "gringo" ;) Another way to deal with it is to avoid an adjective all together, and say, "people from the U.S."
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I guess I could put gringo on my cv, but if you could make a new word that might pass (even if somewhat awkwardly) on an official document what would it be?
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United Statesman (really crappy), or take out the "United" all together considering the reality of the situation.
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you could follow Spanish and call yourself a unitedstatesian.
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oh, and your note just said that. Well, how about a more business-like "U.S. citizen"? Also, though they might not mention it, calling unitedstatesians "north American" does lump in all those Canadians too...
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This really is a hard question - its amazing the way us usa'uns have completely adopted "american" and left ourselves without another, more specific and appropriate option.
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I've never really had a problem refering to myself or others as "from the states" or "I live in the US" in casual confersation - (I usually go with Califorian as a lable more often... ) On an official document I bet you could just put U.S.A.
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I mean "conversation" and "californian" :)
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When I go to Canada and they ask my citizenship, I say "United States." On any official document I think "U.S. Citizen" would accomplish more than "American." In everyday speech, "American" can't be easily replaced, can it, except by awkward phrases like "residents (citizens?) of the United States"
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Additionally: the fact that there's a North and South America is another very important reason why nobody calls themselves Americans as a way of referencing their continent. So I don't mind using the word American.
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from the states.. if i'm traveling somewhere spanish speaking, i follow by saying something like: Trabajo contra bush...
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united statesian
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Yankee? That’s what my British friends used to call me

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