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How much is this desk worth?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) January 25th, 2008
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under 200 dollars. order some howards orange oil wax from ebay and clean and shine it up, then wipe it all off a day later after the residue has had time to soak in and it will be worth more. does it have a key and does the lock work. makes a difference.

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Wow…I bought one just like it a yard sale for 10 bucks refinished it and still have and use it 25 years later…
It value is what it’s worth to you…(as a buyer)
It’s worth as a seller might have a different value…

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Solid wood? If so, what kind? Murphy’s Oil Spray is also good for rehabbing wood.

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If its solid wood, it will be worth more obviously…
The price, as much as the market dictates…but maybe around $100 if its solid…someone can strip and stain it and have a great piece of furniture.
You buying or selling?

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I’m selling. I wish I had the time to restore it and but I don’t be doing that.

What do you mean by solid wood?

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Solid wood. Some furniture is manufactured using wood ply or composite with a wood veneer over it. Is very commonly used. The big advantages with solid is strength and ability to stain. Fake is cheap, light & easily mass produced.

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Hi , if you take that pic around to your local antique store they will love it / buy it . Moms antique store had me guessing around $200 as well Good Luck

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I wouldn’t pay more than $50—$60.

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It all depends. I you want a great desk with a lot a space you can dance on, it is priceless. However if you are selling it not so much maybe all cleaned up you are looking at $50 – $100 depending on where you are. The price will increase if you have a great story to go along with it. People are always looking for ways to have a part of history, even if it is not their history, or part of important history.
Good luck

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It’s worth five dollars… and you should sell it to me.

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