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If you could pick a time that you could go back to, what would it be?

Asked by markisgo (9points) September 25th, 2009

I was asked yesterday: “If you could pick a time that you could go back to, what would it be?”

I pretty quickly said, I wouldn’t want to go back to any time in my life, I’m happy where I am. I’m more content with who I am, what I do and the people I have around me than I have ever been. I’m very grateful for the life I’ve lead and the path I’m on.

I have everything I need, and most of what I want in my life, right here, right now.

What do you have today, that you wouldn’t be without, by going back to another time?

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Everything. If I went back I would lose everything. I might not be as lucky a second time around.

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There are times in my life I would like to go back and visit. Either to re-live a fond memory of to check the facts against my memory.

so basically, I’m hoping three ghosts will visit me in the night.

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@cprevite The memory you have is your memory, the facts are most probably irrelevant.

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I wouldn’t mind re-visiting the 70’s, but I am content with things as they are now also. If I went back in time knowing what I know now, I probably would not marry my ex, which means I would be deprived of my beautiful daughter, and I can’t even think about life without her.

The things that happened in my past have molded me into the person I am today, and without those life lessons, who knows who or what I would be now? Even the bad things that happened have somehow strengthened me, so I wouldn’t change anything.

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@scamp: Very well said.

@markisgo: How do you figure the facts are irrelevent?

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I would go back to my late teens, 18 or 19. I would love to redo my 20’s, and also undo some really bad choices I made from then anon. Actually, I would give quite a bit to do this… some of the choices/mistakes I made have had a resoundingly negative effect on my life.

I used to not have any regrets and felt that all those experiences made me who I am. Only now that I’m older, I see how difficult my past choices have made my current life, and I regret a lot. Sure, if I changed things, I wouldn’t be the same person, but I only see how that’s a good thing.

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If I’m limited to points in my own life, I’d like to go to elementary school and start up some better habits, like not being afraid to ask questions, and not being afraid to talk to people.

If I can go to any point in human history, I’d love to go back to the American Revolution.

If I can go back to any point in world history, I’d like to first get super microscope vision, and go back to the time life was just blooming. (Alternatively, scrap the microscope vision, and send me back to the time life was blooming according to Christianity. I’d like to stop Eve from eating the fruit.)

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Age 19. I would avoid certain lifestyle choices. I would still have the same friends, so I’m fairly certain my life would be relatively the same. But then, after I fixed those few things, I’d want to FF right back to present day.

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@Sarcasm lolz and lurve for Eve.

I’d probably go back to the future. Seriously, though, I’d go back to a couple months ago and sign up for fewer AP classes.

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Victorian times – living in the country, i know it was extremely tough but hey

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