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Looking for the best coffee shop in Seattle, WA?

Asked by CobyR (1points) September 25th, 2009

I’m looking for the best coffee shop in Seattle, WA in the Capital Hills neighborhood.

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if you’re going to Starbucks, be careful. I hear they can get pretty rowdy up there in Seattle.

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My favorite Seattle chain is Tully’s. For independent coffee shops, I find that Yelp is a great place to start.

If you like coffee ice cream, however, you simply are not going to find a better place to get it than Tully’s.

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I love Yelp!. I use it on my iPod touch and it makes me sad when a business isn’t on it….

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Espresso Vivace is probably one of the best coffe spots in Seattle..

Also try Cafe Ladro, which is quite good.

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Different people like different places. I haven’t been to every coffee place on Capital Hill. However:

Victrola is a nice comfortable independent place on 15th Ave E.
The Tully’s at Pike and Broadway is a nice location.
Zoka and Peet’s are two nice brands of coffee place in Seattle too, though I don’t know offhand if/where they are on Capital Hill. Ladro is also good.

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You could try the original Starbucks in Seattle. But pretty much everywhere tastes the same. At least to me.

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Vivace probably has the best coffee, Victrola the best ambience. I also like Bauhaus a lot.

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Just discovered a new coffee shop (love Vivace, Joe Bar on Capitol Hill) on 12th and Pike, I think, called Cafe Presse. It’s a french place, and in addition to delicious coffee, I had a really wonderful omelete and they have authentic French bread. Stumptown is right next to Cafe Presse, and that is the first coffee shop that dares to come up from Portland. It must be pretty good!

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