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94 Ford Aerostar van acting up after unrelated repairs... any ideas?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) September 25th, 2009

My hunk-o-crap had a wheel bearing replaced, the front brakes (apparently due to the wheel bearing), and a brake line (which just happened to break because it was rusted or something). My dad and his mechanic friend fixed it, and I picked it up this morning. While I was pulling out of the guy’s driveway, it stalled. It’s never done that. It nearly stalled again a couple of seconds later. When I got out to the highway, the speedometer needle was going crazy bouncing back and forth.. jumping as high as 70 when I know I was doing nowhere near that, maybe 40–50. The faster I went, the more crazy the needle was, until it was finally tapping the little plastic pin at the “fast” end of the meter… and I figure I was doing about 60–65 at best guess. When I slowed down, it was still showing me doing 15 or 20 when I was coming to a stop, so I obviously wasn’t going that fast, and it showed me doing 20 in the parking lot when I was just rolling.

On top of that, while I was on the highway (doing maybe 60–65 at best guess), it kept jerking the way a car does when it shifts. It wasn’t a hard jerk or a buck… it felt like a normal shift, only at the wrong time, and it did it more the faster I went.

I also had to stop kind of fast once, and it shuddered a little like it was threatening to stall. It did this maybe two other times as well while I was stopping at lights.

Does anyone have any idea? NONE of this happened before yesterday, but I’m pretty sure that a wheel bearing, brake line, and brakes aren’t related to any of the problems I’ve mentioned above.

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The wheel bearing might have to do with the crazy speedometer. That might have been the wheel that measured the rotation of the wheel, but the stalling is out of left field. If the stalling thing happens more often with how often you play with the accelerator, then I guess that’s a good place to start trouble shooting. If it happens when you brake then it could be the brake booster or something as simple as a vacuum line. Like I’ve said in other many other posts about Fords, I don’t really know them all to well, but basic trouble shooting can lead in the right direction. All you have to do is find what triggers what and go from there.

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