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How can I fix my back pain?

Asked by Ammar (4points) September 25th, 2009

My lower back seems to be acting up, how can I fix it? Does anyone have some advice or exercises?

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See a Doctor if you can. Could be something worse then muscle tension.

Otherwise use a heating pad when you go to bed. Some people say go back and forth from heat to cold, like an ice pack.
That works for me.

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have you tried twisting around? gently of course no bouncing! I’ve heard that is bad for you.

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Exercises for that area in general would probably help. I’ve always had lower back pain and since I’ve started exercising more, I’ve had less of a problem with mine. Although, I’m sure my shitty bed has something to do with it as well.

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I take Ibuprofen for the pain. Do you know what the reason is for this? Because mine is associated with sitting too much at work and when I stand for long periods of time after work it starts to act up. So I would suggest giving your back some exercise like @Axemusica said. Otherwise consult your doctor.

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Do not cross your legs while sitting. Keep both feet flat on the floor.

Core exercises help. Also helpful are balance exercises as they stregnthen the core.

I have a pair of those “shape up” shoes that are rounded on the bottom. Those shoes have really helped me work out my core.

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@Dog those shoes sound like they would make me injure myself lol

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Strengthening your abdominal muscles helps to support your lower back and decrease pain. It’s the one thing that finally worked for me, once I finally got committed to fitness.

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Once your doctor determines it is okay for you to do so, embark on strengthening your abdominal and lower back muscles (your “core”). Here are some exercises you can do at home or the gym.

I developed a similar problem when I was trapped in a chair for almost two years due to multiple foot surgeries. My doctor sent me to physical therapy first to get me started, then I went to the gym to work on those muscles. 18 months later I am all but pain-free in my back.

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I must agree with @Axe Musica! I have lower back pain and recently started exercising and it has lessened considerably!

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Darwin’s exercises are wonderful, but some require caution. I started with a Physical Therapist (you need an RX from Doc.), and once we had a program in place (heat, stretching, weight work, treadmill), I was able to do them on my own. I am religious about this.

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I was in a car accident recently so I started making regular trips to the chiropractor. I absolutely love going. He rubs out all my sore spots and knots. I recommend setting up an appointment. It’ll definitely help.

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Don’t mind the ridiculous photo, but I have lower back problems pretty often and this stretch has been most beneficial. It’s been the only stretch that alleviates my pain. The idea is that it naturally twists your spine and allows any slightly misaligned vertebrae to reclaim their proper place.

Extra instructions for the most effectiveness:
– keep the leg along the ground fully straight
– lock the foot of the top leg as high up behind the lower one as is comfortably sustainable
– let your head and neck turn naturally to look in the direction that your “stability arm” reaches.
– if a flat surface does not allow enough rotation, try using the edge of a raised hard/flat surface, or a bed.

Tylenol (which is better than ibuprofen, although you can take both because they don’t interact) also helps because the pain is generally due to the inflamation and irritation of surrounding fatigued muscles that refuse to relax.

Also, AVOID exercises and motions that ask you to bend over from a standing position. Those can make everything so much worse. Don’t pick things up that way either!
Practice Safe Lifting. That uses your leg muscles, which are stronger anyway, instead of relying on odd extensions of weak lower back muscles.

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Acupuncture worked for me to deal with scar tissue from a back injury, got me off abusing prescription meds too.

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Always start with the most conservative treatment and see if that works. If not, go to the next level. Here’s some stuff I did.

1.Hot/cold packs
2. Anti-inflamatory (aspirin, ibuprofen)
3. Chiropractor – spine adjustment, traction
4. Laser spine surgery

These sites were very helpful.

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Here’s another good site that specifically talks about exercises for back pain. They have pics too!

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