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How do you upload pictures to Facebook from the iPhone?

Asked by sam (83points) January 26th, 2008 from iPhone

can you do this

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If you’re talking about your pictures on your iPhone, I believe you just have to get them on your computer then upload. I don’t think you can mail or upload images stored on your iPhone, yet. I would like to. I read somewhere you could, so hopefully someone has the answer.

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email them to “”

go set it up in facebook tho first

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on your iPhone, go to your Wall (press bottom icon that represents you to get to your wall). make certain you’re on your wall (press wall tab). you should see a button under the tab and on the right labeled “Add a photo”. You should figure things out from there.

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Add the facebook application. It’s free. When your logged in go to your profile. You’ll see a camera icon under your profile pic next to where you update your status. Press the icon and it will let you either take a photo or video right then to add or you can choose from your iPhone library

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