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What is the best brunch place in the Mission district of San Francisco?

Asked by kools (36points) September 25th, 2009

“Best” meaning cheap, good quality food, good coffee, good atmosphere.

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Boogaloos is awesome. Large menu, with plenty of good choices to please everyone.

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Oh. I was going to suggest Tartine until you said cheap.

I always loved Pork Store Cafe. YUM for bacon.

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Boogaloos is good but the line is insane. St. Francis Fountain is my favorite breakfast place in the world.

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Red Cafe at 25th and Mission.
Excellent Huevos Rancheros.

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Boogaloos, Red Cafe, and Tartine are all excellent. I also really like the Mission Beach Cafe. My friend ordered their burger at 9:00 AM once… that’s how good it is.

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