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What's a good diet for dog just diagnosed with terminal cancer (golden retriever)?

Asked by shsusahn (1points) January 26th, 2008

tumors on spleen and liver

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This may sound cold, and I wish it wasn’t true: a high dose of pentobarbital. My mother died slowly of cancer over many many months. There were no lessons left to learn from her suffering during the final three months. I wish something like this could be used on willing humans who do not wish to prolong their suffering.

People adamantly against euthanasia in any circumstance are like any other fanatic. They make up their minds in the absence of experience. Believe a witness : only certain forms and extents of suffering have lessons attached. Cancer doesn’t.

Keep your dog around on his or her normal food until the onset of misery, and then give your animal the gift of a quick and painless death.

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I’m so sorry to hear, my heart goes out to you. I went through loosing a dog to cancer as well. I would feed them some really, really nice stuff they’d want to eat. Since they only get one life and this is their chance to enjoy all the magical flavors they would love.

His life was prolonged too far into the cancer. He should have been put down earlier before he started suffering. But people can be selfish and drag it out for themselves, which is much easier when you’re the one that isn’t in pain.

We buried him near a creek on my girlfriend’s parents house and planted a citrus tree over him in his honor.

R.I.P. ShadowThe greatest dog I’ve even known.

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You need to follow the advice of your veterinarian or specialist. My guess would be that if he has a liver tumor, his hepatic values are probably up and he needs a diet designed for the liver. That said, if he’s end stage, feed him whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t cause vomiting.

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My friend’s son just sent his beloved Jackson to Rainbow Bridge. Jackson’s last meal was M&Ms. He loved them and what harm would it do. Cancer got him before the chocolate. I would feed him whatever you can to get him to eat and keep him as comfortable as possible until he is suffering. Then let the leash go and send him to Rainbow Bridge.

my deepest sympathy.

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