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If you were writing a blog from scratch...

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) January 26th, 2008

What features would you include? What do you like/dislike about blogging software that you’ve used? I’ve decided to rewrite my blog (as a programming exercise and to get it just how I like) and I thought I’d brainstorm with all y’all first.

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I don’t blog currently, but have had mixed experiences with various blogger etc. programs…Davey posted a similar question awhile back; here is the link-but I think it was more about getting people to read it versus how to redesign it.

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I’m thinking of rewriting my blog as well (I use PHP/MySQL). I think It lacks some useful features like being able to save the article I’m working on as a draft and a tagging system. You haven’t been clear about the features your blog has so it’s difficult to recommend something.

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Drafts are nice. The ability to have different ‘sections’ of a blog would be interesting. One section for talking about work, another for talking about life, etc.

Oh, and syntax highlighting for all of one’s favorite programming languages.

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@juaniquillo: Well, my new blog doesn’t exist yet so it currently doesn’t have any features :). Seriously, though, I didn’t want to say anything about my current blog because I don’t want it to dictate (or maybe even influence) how I do the next one.

Thanks for the feedback so far.

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as far as programs go…I like the interface. If you look around some examples there, you might be able to grab some ideas.

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RSS feeds. Obligatory. :)

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I actually just wrote software to run my blog. I did it for the same reasons you’re talking about, as a programming exercise and to have it work exactly the way I want it to (the big names all go overboard on features).

Here are the major features I included:

Public facing
* Topics: like tags, I assign 1 or more topics to a blog post and it shows up as a tag cloud in the nav
* Archives by year: I don’t blog often enough to warrant breaking this down by month
* Most popular: I track hits to each blog post so I can raise more popular posts up in the nav
* RSS / Atom feeds (as Vincentt said, obligatory)
* Mashup feeds: I pull in photos from Zooomr and links to recently read articles from Ma.gnolia

Admin interface
* No WYSIWYG editor! Hand coding is the only way I can be satisfied (obscure cinematic reference, anyone get it?)
* Live preview: this was really important to me as I code my blog entries by hand, it’s a faithful preview as I include the actual stylesheet used on the public facing pages
* Code snippets: I built a way to click a link and insert code snippets for things like embedded photos and code blocks

That’s pretty much it. What I love about it is that it doesn’t do a million things I don’t need. It does exactly what I want and no more.

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